Yonex Arcsaber 11 Review: Good in Everything

You have rackets which excel in speed and control, but lack enough power.

Then you have rackets with massive power, but that lack of proper control and maneuverability.

And then you have the Yonex Arcsaber 11, which performs pretty well in everything. If you are looking for a well-rounded racket friendly to intermediate-level players, and in some cases beginners, then you are going to love this one.

Yonex Arcsaber 11

Let’s review the pros and cons of this racquet, so you can get a nice overview on what it can offer you. Let’s check it right now.

Pros vs. Cons: The Balance


  • Good in everything. It’s powerful, plays well in offense, it is excellent in defense.
  • Easy to use. Unlike Yonex Arcsaber 10, it’s fairly easier to use.
  • Very comfortable. It feels great to use it and won’t tire your wrists quickly.


  • Expensive

If you are looking for the perfect well-rounded racket, then the Arcsaber 11 is exactly what you need.

The unique con it has is that it is expensive. Therefore, if you are looking for something more budget-friendly, you should check out Yonex Voltric 7.

It performs well in all aspects, and moreover, it’s easier to use which makes it suitable for mid-level players or even beginners.

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For real, this racquet performs very well in everything. From attacking to defending, it has got a solid performance that will make you win many points and several matches.

Want to know more about it? Then be my guest and allow me to show you a complete and detailed review on this racket.

Design and Construction: Why Does It Work So Well?

To find the reasons to its amazing performance, it’s critical to analyze its design and construction. That will bring us the clues we need.

Just like the Yonex Arcsaber 10, one of the best Yonex badminton rackets, it has got an excellent design. It looks very sexy and lethal thanks to its bright red color.

Neo CS Carbon Nanotube in both sides of the racket. This brings it the ability to retain the shuttle for longer, which brings you more accuracy and repulsion power for precise and powerful shots.

Perfect aerodynamics. Its design makes it cut easily through the air, much faster than many other rackets. I dare to say that it competes fairly well against the Yonex Nanospeed 9900.

T-anchor for outstanding precision. This t-anchor reduces the torque stull which brings you more accuracy in every single shot.

Sonic metal for powerful sounds. If you want your racket to make a sound that keeps you going and make your shots aggressive, then thanks to the sonic metal in Arcsaber 11 you will be able to enjoy this.

Enlarged sweet spot. Thanks to its isometric design it’s easy to hit the sweet spot over and over again.

Box frame + aero frame. This sweet combination brings you a heavy and powerful hitting coupled with quick and smooth swings.

A revolutionary stiff shaft. It’s constructed with Ultra PEF (ultra poly ethylene fibre), which is very light yet strong enough to bring you the best shock absorption.

As you can see it’s a racquet equipped with cutting-edge technology. The materials used in this product are top-of-the-line, which in returns brings you the best experience and performance in every single game.

In The Game

Let’s review its performance in the game with some of the most important shots. Needless to say, it has got an excellent performance in all aspects.

Yonex Arcsaber 11


Drives are typical of the mid-court, and this is where this racket shows its real potential. Thanks to its design and fast reactions it’s excellent for midcourt play in terms of defense and offense. Courtesy of its enlarged sweet spot, you will have a higher success rate while defending.


It may not have the outstanding power of the Voltric 80 or Voltric Z Force II, but it still delivers excellent smashes. The clears and smashes delivered from the back-court go easy and smoothly, and moreover, with the precision you need.

Net Play:

It’s an excellent performer in the front-court. The crosscourt shots, net shots and net kills are perfectly delivered thanks to the fast action of this racket due to its long handle and perfect aerodynamics.

All in all, it plays well in every part of the court. Moreover, every single shot delivered with this racket will give you an excellent result.

Conclusion and Final Words

The Yonex Arcsaber 11 is one of the best rackets in the market. With its incredible features and cutting-edge technology, it will bring you a big advantage over your rivals.

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You will not regret it, because this racket is simple phenomenal.

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