How to Score – Who Can Make Points in a Badminton Game?

Every player arms himself with the best badminton rackets and practices often. The main aim of doing so is to eventually win in a badminton game and improve your overall health.

It’s therefore wise to understand how to score points in a badminton match. Just like in other games, the sport has its scoring systems and rules.

So Who Can Earn Points in a Badminton Game?

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The answer to the question of who can earn points in badminton depends on the particular scoring system of the game. The rules for scoring points isn’t the same for the traditional and the modern system. Besides, a player can also score when the opponent commits a foul.

Therefore let’s have a look at each of the cases.

Scoring Points in the Traditional System

Scoring Points in the Traditional System

Dig deep into badminton history, and you’ll appreciate the crucial changes that have been made in the game. Under the initial scoring system, when you serve and win the rally, you earn a point.

However, it’s possible to serve and lose the rally to your opponent. In that case, neither you nor your opponent earns a point. Instead, you’ll have to give your opponent a chance to serve.

That made matches go on for a longer duration before any parties earned points. The BWF, therefore, saw it wise to come up with a new badminton scoring system.

Scoring Points in the Modern System

Scoring Points in the Modern System

In the modern scoring system, whoever wins a rally earns one point. That is, when you serve and win the rally, you add one point to your scores.

Similarly, when you serve and your opponent wins the same rally, he earns a point. Thus regardless of who serves the winner of the rally gets one point.

For that reason, train often and learn all tricks on how to improve your badminton skills.

Scoring in Case of a Badminton Foul

Net a Shot

All sports have rules of the game, and badminton is no exception. When a player commits a foul, the opponent earns one point.

The most common fouls include the following:

  • Touching the net with your racket or any body part
  • Serving the shuttlecock to fall outside the badminton court
  • Stretching the racquet beyond the net
  • Hitting the shuttlecock more than once

While still learning the sport, take your time and know the rules of the badminton game. Otherwise, you may commit an offense and hence add your opponent one point.

As a piece of advice, it’s wise to secure the best badminton shoes. That’s because, after a few games, the court may get slippery. But when you have the right badminton shoes, you can’t easily slip off or lose your balance.


Professional matches employ the modern scoring system. And therefore, the winner of any rally earns a point.

So, take your time to train on endurance and how to make various shots. Doing so increases your chance of winning a match. Remember anyone can score points in a badminton game by winning a rally!

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