10 Types of Shots in Badminton – A Must-Know List

It’s only the blend of the right skills and badminton equipment that leads to success in the game. Therefore, besides the best badminton shuttlecock, rackets, and even attire, you need to know the various shots in badminton.

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Types of Shots in Badminton

How to Play Badminton Game

When you are just starting in the sport, some shots can be easy while others are difficult. Here are the most common badminton shots:

Clear Shot

Learn to Shift Grips Quickly

In badminton, a clear shot refers to the high overhand shot. A badminton player hits the shuttlecock while standing on one end of the court, and the shuttle penetrates high up then lands far back of the court.

It counts among the fundamental badminton shots that a new player should master to improve his game. One of the challenges that novice players encounter while learning the clear shot is assuming the appropriate form.

At a glance, the clear shot may appear like it demands a considerable amount of energy to execute it. However, that doesn’t have to be so. You need to have the correct posture and blend it with the correct snap to make a clear shot.

When you channel all your energy in one arm to make the shot, there are two main dangers. It drains strength from you. Also, you stand a high risk of developing injuries in your arm.

When your opponent has put up a fast pace game, the shot comes in handy. A clear shot lets the shuttlecock stays in the air for a significant amount of time. For that reason, you can steal time to reorganize and take center stand gain.

Drop Shot

It Helps You Remain Flexible

A clear shot sends the shuttle to the back of the court. But a drop shot technique supports the soft landing of the shuttlecock closer to your opponent’s side of the net.

When your opponent makes a drop shot, then you have limited time to reach the shuttle. Thus it quires you to move quickly forward.

At the same time, unlike the clear shot that slows down the pace of a badminton game, a drop shot maintains the speed.

Drive Shot

Lowers Your Risk of Developing Hypertension

A badminton drive shot pushes the shuttlecock horizontally just above the net at tremendous speed. Ideally, the drive shot should take a flat trajectory path.

But in practice, it usually goes at an angle; either slightly down or upwards. Thus an offensive drive shot takes a descending angle while a defensive drive shot angles upwards.

A drive shot steps up the pace of a badminton game. So it’s only best to initiate a drop shot when you are sure you can take on your opponent’s speed.

Lift Shot


A badminton lift shot sends the shuttlecock high up before landing at your opponent’s baseline. To execute the lift, you must position yourself at the front close to the net.

Then you have to time the shuttlecock such that you station the racket under it. Next, bring the racquet upwards steadily. When the shuttlecock touches the racket, twist your fingers and arm to give it the desired trajectory.

Remember the swiftness and the intensity of moving your arms determine how high the shuttlecock will go. At the same time, the higher the shuttlecock is to the net, the greater the lift should be.

Besides giving your opponent a hard time, the high lift shot buys you more time, thus giving you a higher chance of earning more points.

Smash Shot

Shuttle Smash

The badminton smash shot makes one of the most far-reaching and famous shots in badminton. It’s almost like the drop shop. However, in a smash shot, the shuttlecock packs high momentum and lands deep in the court.

When you have the right skills and time the shuttle well, the shot becomes an ideal way to end a rally. The smashing hit is easy to perform when facing the shuttlecock and it’s slightly above you.

Net Kill Shot

Net a Shot


It refers to a swift type of shot players use against a net shot and hence bring a rally to an end. When your opponent makes a high net shot, it’s easy to respond with a net kill.

The best timing for a net kill is when the shuttlecock is high but near the net. That way, you can push it down directly with a lot of force. However, while doing so, ensure that you don’t make a foul by the racquet touching the net.

Jump Smash Shot

Jump Smash Shot

As its name suggests, the shot involves jumping to make a smash shot. Jumping elevates you to a steep angle, thereby smashing the cock with more power than before.

One of the top tricks for making the best out of the jump smash is timing to strike the shuttlecock at its peak height.

However, the main problem with jump smash is that it takes more time to stabilize after making the hit. And so, it requires an agile player who can quickly reset and get ready for the next shot in no time.

Fake Smash Shot

Smash Grip Technique

A fake smash shot is just the way it sounds. It’s initiating a strike that at first looks like you want to perform a smash, then shot changing it to a clear or drop shot.

You can make the best fake smash by practicing such that your drop, clear, or smash shot begins the same way and hard to distinguish. The fake smash is to deceive the opponent and make him ready for a smashing shot. That way, when it quickly changes to clear or drop, he becomes easy prey.

Dive Shot

Boosting Muscle Tone

When the fast-moving shuttlecock threatens to fall beyond your reach, a dive shot enables you to retrieve it in time. But not many players love dive shots.

That’s because slamming on the court may be because of bodily injury. Besides, when sweating profusely, you wet the ground and cause the court to turn slippery. So you need the best badminton shoes that offer reliable grip. Alternatively you can learn how to carry out the half dive shot.

Cross Court Net Drop Shot


The cross-court net drop is highly deceiving. While standing at the front corner of the court, you don’t make a straight drop shot to the opponent. Instead, you direct the shuttlecock to cross to the opposite corner. Nevertheless, it takes time to master.


The badminton game consists of easy and more demanding shots. However, it’s wise to master how to execute broad types of shots.

So like with all other games, you need to practice often and build on your skills. Besides the various types of shots, there are also the common badminton terms you need to understand.

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