Popular Badminton Forums & Groups

Novice badminton players do face many challenges. That includes not knowing the top brands that provide the best badminton rackets and other pieces of equipment.

One possible solution, is to join the leading badminton forums and groups. Such platforms link you to other professionals where you can exchange ideas and information.

Accordingly, here are some top badminton forums and groups to try out:

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Popular Badminton Forums & Groups

Badminton Central

Badminton Central

The badminton central is a USA-based forum. It consists of over 100 thousand members drawn from different states and all over the world. The site gives you extensive information about the badminton.

For instance, if you are starting in the game, it offers an insightful introduction. So if you need practical ideas on how to improve your badminton performance, badminton central provides a solution.

It’s the meeting place for experienced players with bright ideas and tips. Besides, it also avails the reviews of top badminton pieces of equipment.

The presence of over 2 million messages exchanged provides evidence of how active the forum is. So when you need a solution to common racquet problems, it’s a good avenue to seek help.

Reddit Badminton

Reddit Badminton

Reddit badminton is based in California but has a broad base of active members. The group began on September 6th, 2009.

But currently, it has attracted a wider audience on several social platforms. For instance, in Facebook, the group has garnered over 1.6m followers and at least 1 million followers on Twitter too.

It provides pretty vast information related to badminton sport. On the platform, you can get the latest badminton events, news, and reviews of badminton-related equipment.

Besides, the players have the chance of asking their real-life experience questions and get help from other members.



Another promising platform for seeking help on matters relating to badminton is quora. The forum discusses a wide variety of issues and thus prove helpful on badminton topics.

For instance, if you need to meet other players, coaches, or clubs in a new environment, it’s a viable platform. When you need more training besides practicing badminton at home, the popular badminton forums offer help.

Besides the mentioned group and platform, social networks are another place to consider. Just search Facebook, and you may meet local badminton groups.


As a novice player, you need someone to help you quickly learn the sport. Besides, like other sports, you need to keep up with training.

For those reasons, the forums and groups highlighted prove resourceful. Meet new friends and get updated on the trending best badminton shoes and stringing techniques.


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