9 Most Prestigious Badminton Tournaments

Professional and aspiring badminton players get together and have more fun in matches. By attending the tournaments, you learn about the best badminton rackets trending in the market. Therefore, here are the top prestigious badminton tournaments to consider attending.

Most Prestigious Badminton Tournaments

BWF Thomas Cup

BWF Thomas Cup

The BWF Thomas cup, also known as the Men’s Teams World Championships was the brainchild of Sir George Alan Thomas. When you compare it to other top badminton tournaments, it emerges as the oldest, most prestigious, and largest event.

The first BWF Thomas Cup tournament was in 1948-1949. Thereafter, the competition has been happening every three years. But from 1982 the pattern changed to every two years. It brings together 16 teams drawn from the badminton countries worldwide.

Except for England, all the other countries that have hosted the tournament are from the Asian continent. Since its beginning, the event has taken place 29 times. Here is how the famous badminton countries have emerged winners in the event:

  • Indonesia has won 48% of the matches
  • China has won 21% of the matches
  • Malaysia has won 17.2% of the matches
  • Denmark and Japan have each won the competition once.

The last country to host the event in 2020 was Denmark. However, Thailand and China will host the competition in 2022 and 2024, respectively.

BWF Uber Cup

BWF Uber Cup

Unlike the BWF Thomas Cup that targets men, the BWF Uber Cup is the women’s version of the Thomas Cup tournament. The name Uber Cup takes after famous badminton player Betty Uber who initiated the women’s version of the Thomas Cup.

It happens after every 2 years (since 1984) just like its men’s counterpart. Since its inception in 1956-1957, the BWF Uber Cup event is in its 26th edition.

And during that time, here is how different countries have won the Uber Cup:

  • China- 15 tittles
  • Japan – 6 tittles
  • Indonesia- 3 Titles
  • United States of America- 3 titles

Olympic Games

Olympic Games

The first badminton summer Olympic Games was held in Spain in 1992. As one of the most prestigious badminton events, it occurs after every four years.

Therefore players who get the privilege to represent their countries in the competition feel honored. Each country sends either a team or a single individual as a representative in each of the five categories.

But there are few exceptions to the rule. For example, when a country has multiple participants in the top badminton world ranking either for doubles or singles, each of them can participate in the Olympics.

BWF World Championship

BWF World Championship

The history of the prestigious badminton competition goes back to 1977in Sweden. Different world badminton federation countries had the privilege of hosting the event every three years until 1983.

From 1985 Badminton world federation began promoting the event. Since 2006, the BWF world championship happens yearly.

Unlike other major badminton competitions, the BWF world champions don’t award the top winner with cash. Instead, it awards gold medals and points to the winners and thus becoming the badminton world champion.

And so to emerge the winner as the world champ in badminton you have to demonstrate exemplary ability in your badminton skills.

BWF Sudirman Cup

BWF Sudirman Cup

The Sudirman Cup is also known as the World Mixed Team Championship and takes place every two years. BWF Sudirman was started in honor of the founder of the badminton association of Indonesia PBSI (Dick Sudirman).

Since its inception in 1989, the match has always shared the same venue as the world championship. However, in 2003 International badminton federation separated the two events.

In every competition, the Surdiman cup attracts participants in 5 main categories;

  • Men’s singles
  • Women’s singles
  • Men’s doubles
  • Women’s doubles
  • Mixed doubles

In the last 2021 tournament held in Finland, China emerged as the winner bringing its total victories to 12. Besides China, South Korea has worn it 4 times and Indonesia once.

Surprisingly all the non-Asian countries have never won the Sudirman Cup.

Yonex All England Open

Yonex All England Open

The Yonex All England Open otherwise known as the Yonex All England Open Championship forms the oldest badminton tournament. Except for the disruption during the first and Second World Wars, the completion has stood since 1899.

Like other famous badminton competitions, the Yonex All England Open draws players to take part in 5 different categories. Besides, the event happens yearly.

BWF Junior World Championships

BWF Junior World Championships

Since its initiation in 1992 in Indonesia, the BWF Junior World Championship tournament occurs yearly. The event offers competitions as a mixed team and as individual level too.

The mixed team competes for the Suhandinata Cup while the individual targets the Eye Level Cups. The event forms the ultimate match for the badminton players under 19 years to display their best skills. From the Junior World Championship, the players can graduate to professional badminton tournaments.

BWF Senior World Championships

BWF Senior World Championships

The BWF senior world championship started in 2003. It occurs every year and targets seniors. It accepts players from the age of over 35 and categorizes them into eight groups (5 years interval).

All the participating member countries fill in players in various categories as follows;

  • Singles- 4 males and 4 females
  • Doubles- 8 males and 8 females
  • Mixed- 4 males and 4 females

Presently England has garnered the highest medals; 228.

Para-Badminton World Championships

Para-Badminton World Championships
Badminton-WM 2019 – Basel

The para-badminton world championship is the competition is for top ranking badminton players who have physical challenges. The event presents six groups;

  • Wheelchair sports group- 2
  • Standing sport class- 3
  • Short stature-1

The initial para-badminton world championships tournament occurred in 1998. However, the first badminton Olympic Games to incorporate the para-badminton was the 2021Tokyo Olympics.


The most prestigious badminton tournaments comprise people of varying ages and abilities. So, you can identify with the event that interests you most. Besides extending your social ties, the top badminton matches let you know about the best badminton shoes in the market.

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