Is Badminton an Olympic Sport? Here Are the Facts

Over the years, many games have penetrated to become part of the Olympic sports. Badminton is a sport that began in Asian countries.

However, as badminton history reveals it has spread beyond the Asian continent. And currently, the sport exists at various stages. That includes recreational levels in clubs and international completion stages. And presently, it’s one of the cherished Olympic sports.

So How Did Badminton Become an Olympic Sport?

So How Did Badminton Become an Olympic Sport

The badminton racquet game is officially an Olympic sport. From history, you’ll learn that the game didn’t become an Olympic sport overnight.

Its first appearance dates back to 1972. However, at that time, it was nothing but a demonstration of sport at Olympic levels. Then a few years later (in 1988), the game found its way into Olympics as an exhibition.

However, during the summer Olympics 1992, the badminton game became an Olympic sport. And since then, BWF has never looked back on the game.

During the 1992 Olympics, only the singles and doubles were held. But four years later, mixed doubles also became part of the game.

One of the reasons for elevating the game to the Olympic level is its fame in many countries. Besides the money prize, badminton benefits the body as an aerobic activity.

Dominating Countries in the Badminton Olympic Games

Dominating Countries in the Badminton Olympic Games

From 1992 badminton has stayed among Olympic Games. And in the 1992 Olympic results, five countries scooped gold medals. That included China, Denmark, England, Indonesia, and Korea.

Since its inclusion in the Olympics, China has garnered at least 36 Gold medals. No wonder the country has Li-Ning Sportswear Company producing some of the best badminton shoes. But South Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia have also registered remarkable performance.

Which is the Highest Body Governing the Sport?


The top-ranking body governing the sport at the international level is the Badminton World Federation, BWF. Initially, the body started as an International Badminton Federation (IBF) in 1934.

However, after many countries had adopted the sport, the members successfully changed IBF to BWF in 2006.

So if you need to participate in the future badminton Olympic Games, you need to start training in the sport now. You can hook up with other experienced players for advice through the leading badminton forums and groups.

Then invest in top-quality pieces of equipment. That includes the best badminton rackets and strings.


Since 1992, the badminton game is among the thrilling Olympic sports with many fans worldwide. That means it’s a serious sport worth the investment.

Moreover, it doesn’t require such a vast space. Take time and work on your badminton skills. Give it a serious thought and you may climb to the Olympic levels.

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