How to Stretch Badminton Shoes

Having an uncomfortable pair of badminton shoes can be the worst thing for you. It can be very uncomfortable and despite the beauty of your shoes, you won’t prefer wearing them.

We all have a pair in our cupboard which is tight or sometimes we buy new ones and it requires some stretching before it feels comfortable to wear. Right?

Wearing too tight shoes can damage the anatomy of your feet and even result in fallen arches in which your foot becomes wide and flat.

So, that being said, here are some possible ways to stretch your badminton shoes and make them fit as per your comfort level.

Using Heat

This is only applicable if you are using leather or Suede made shoes.

Let us go back to the time when we were told in one of our science classes that heat causes things to expand. Well, similar is the case with your shoes as well.

Just using some heat for a little while, possibly from a dryer at hot setting, it can cause your shoes to expand and the surrounding material to loosen and make the shoes get in right fit and shape.

It is highly recommended to use heat only if you have a leather or suede material. They have the capacity to tolerate it, other fabrics might not do so and you could end spoiling the look of your badminton shoes.

Follow the below steps to heat your shoes:

  • Wear a pair of thick socks or two pairs one on each foot if the socks are too thin
  • Next, wear your tight shoes
  • Take the hair dryer and heat the tight areas of your shoes
  • Once the shoes are heated, switch off the hair dryer and let them cool
  • Finally remove your socks and now try wearing them again
  • They’ll feel very comfortable


Another thing you can try is the freezing method. This is my favorite trick to loosen up the tight shoes. We will put a bag of water inside the shoes and then freeze it. Once the water expands, it will help stretch best shoes for badminton.

Here is what you need to follow:

  • Take two large zip-lock bags and fill them with a little water
  • Fill them with enough water so they fill up the toe cap of your shoes. If the entire shoe is tight, expand the bag in the whole shoe
  • Make sure the bags are properly sealed when in your shoes
  • Finally put your shoes in the freezer for 5-8 hours
  • Once it freezes, remove the bags and put them on to test the comfortability

Using Stretching Tool

You can also use a professional stretching tool which is easily available online. A stretching tool usually comes with a stretching spray which is first applied to the shoe and then the tool is used to stretch the shoes and loosen them.

There are plenty of stretching tools that you can buy from Amazon and use them.

Rubbing Alcohol

Finally, we can also use rubbing alcohol that helps a lot in stretching shoes that are tight. It works on nearly all type of fabrics but if it is natural, it works the best.

We highly recommend to first apply small quantity of rubbing alcohol on inconspicuous area of the shoe to ensure any discoloration. Also, if you have a leather made shoe, don’t use it again and again else it will dry out the leather.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Pour the rubbing alcohol in a small spray bottle
  • Now spray it on your shoes and immediately put your badminton shoes on and walk around
  • Do this really quick because alcohol dries very quickly
  • Walk around until the alcohol has dried out

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