How to play badminton: 5 simple rules you should know

The motto “Serve it, smash it, love it, win it” holds true with badminton.

Badminton is one of the most played sports in childhood after football and cricket that needs no formal technicalities to learn in order to have fun.

Many contradict it to be a game only amateur play.

That’s absolutely wrong.

Badminton is a serious game that needs as much as dedication one needs in other games and sometimes, even more comparatively.

Badminton is a great game to be played for fun as well fitness. It is also one of the fastest racquet games ever. After many players making it to the top in Olympics and Commonwealth, the game has been getting more attention than ever. It is no more a neglected sport and many have come up to pursue it as a career. For the players who want to know the ABC of the game will find this piece of content on “How to Play Badminton?” helpful. Badminton can be played with two or four players and the aim is to hit the shuttle-cock over the net with some rules to be followed.

So, let us look at them in detail before you take your first shot 😉

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Know the rules

The game has simple rules to start with.

All you need to do is serve the shuttlecock to the other side of the court without committing any faults. Anyone who reaches 21 points first wins the game. However, if there is a tie at 20 points then the game moves two points ahead. This means that the player should be 2 points ahead in such a case.

If the game goes for long, then the first player to reach 30 wins the game. To win the series the player needs to win 2 games before the opponent.

Understanding the Court

The badminton court is 44 feet in length and 22 feet in width.

The net is placed at the center of the court at 22 feet in length and should be 5 feet high from the ground.

If you are playing singles, then the width of the court will be 20 feet only as the entire court is used for doubles games. The service should be such that the shuttle-cock should reach to the other side of the court in diagonal form and within the service box on that side of the court. This way the service is considered as valid.

Game point basics

In the game of badminton each serve has a point to be scored.

Since the first serve, you start from the right side of the court. If the serving team scores a point, then the service remains with the same team and service needs to be done from the other side of the service box. If the point is won by the opponent team, then the service goes to them. However, in doubles, each team has just one service at each point. If the team makes a point only then will it get another chance but does not change sides to serve.

How do you score a point

What is the point of playing a game if you are not able to score better?

Losing a game without a tough fight is fatal. Winning with grace and a huge difference in points can be self-satisfactory. Here are the scenarios where you can score a point.

  • If the service does not reach the other side of the court, the opponent gets a point. There is only one serve available for each opponent. Only during Let you get another try. Let is when you serve and the shuttle hits the net and falls on the opponent’s side.
  • Any serve that does not reach the opponents service box diagonally gets a point.
  • If the shuttle cock is hit outside the boundaries designed.
  • If you get hit by the shuttle cock.

Strike the shuttle-cock right

Always look at the shuttle-cock coming your way and position yourself so that the shuttle-cock can be returned to the other side of the court without stretching yourself too much.

The shuttle cock’s round center which is made of rubber and the top has feathers on it. You should always aim to hit the center to get the shot right. Try using the racquet both sides like a forehand and a back hand. This way your game will get fast and you can reply to the shots well. Plan your shots well so that you can get the opponent away from the net to take some time in hand to get ready for the next shot.

The most important point in winning strike is a smash shot. This is a power shot which is hit just like you smash the shuttle-cock over the fence with the racquet. Time your shots to ensure that the opponent does not reply to the shot and misses it. This can be done by aiming the shuttle-cock in a place where the opponent is not present or cannot reach within a fraction of seconds.

You can get points by following such rules and master the art of badminton.

To become an ace player, you need to understand the game of your opponent and turn it to your side.

A few players are good at being either forehand strikers or a few are excellent at being backhand strikers. The lethal combination that makes for the top badminton is being a mix of both hands. Know the rules, learn the tricks and with more practice with one of best badminton rackets, you will be better with every day passing by.

The above were basic rules to play a game of badminton. If you want to take it further and make it a rewarding journey, catch hold of a coach that is renowned and popular for coaching ability and excellence mentoring skills.

So, are you up for being one of the most famous badminton players in the near future?

Go and own the court and show the sportsman spirit.

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