How to Maintain Badminton Racket

Choosing your best playing equipment from the top 10 badminton rackets is a step towards improving your game. However, the journey doesn’t end there.

Proper care and maintenance of the racquet are necessary to register top performance always. Besides, it will ensure that the racquet lasts long. Therefore here are the core tips on how to maintain a badminton racket.

Tips on How to Maintain Badminton Racket

String Maintenance

The proper string tension is vital for the optimal performance of the racket. Therefore regularly check for worn and broken strings.

It’s only usual that the continuous playing with the racket wears out and even breaks the cords. When one string breaks, the overall tension changes. Thus some areas experience more pressure than the rest. Eventually, the head bends.

A slack or broken string calls for re-stringing the entire racket. If you aren’t sure of the process of stringing a racquet[how to string a badminton racket by hand], then seek professional help.

Several factors influence how often you need to string. The factors include playing frequency, style, intensity, and conditions.

Grommets Maintenance

The grommets are the tiny cylindrical inserts on the racket frame. Grommets keep the string from making direct contact with the body and thus prolongs their life.

Make it a habit of checking on the condition of the grommets. A missing or worn-out grommet contributes to the poor string tension and hence requires replacement.

With time some grommets will begin to deform or split. When that happens, the head experiences undue pressure. And that may cause a crack. Every time you are stringing your racket, take note of the grommet that requires replacement.

Grip Maintenance

Every player needs to take note of the condition of the grip. Sweating occurs with badminton games. But some players sweat more than others. If you suffer from sweating issues, the more you have to change your towel grip regularly.

The more absorbent your grip is, the more frequent you will have to change it. Remember, the accumulation of sweat breeds bacteria and makes the handle dirty. Besides, it can negatively impact the wooden handle.

During a match, some players find it helpful to use grip powder. When your grip has grown smooth, dirty, smelly, and feels uncomfortable, then you have to replace it.

Frame Maintenance

Paint Chips

The frame of the badminton racket needs care too. Paint chipping off the body is a widespread occurrence. It results from the clashing of racquets.

When the chipping of the paints intensifies, the racquet presents an unsightly look. But it has no significant effect on its performance.

However, if the look disturbs you, then apply paint primer on the affected areas. Allow it to dry and then follow it with enamel paint. Choose a color matches the other parts of the frame.

Alternatively, nail varnish can also improve its look. Bu since the nail varnish is light, make several coats to achieve long-lasting protection.

Cracks on the Frame

During regular maintenance and checkup, look for the signs of cracks on the frame. The lines of weaknesses are easy to spot as thin black lines. Major cracks are a threat to the sturdiness of the frame.

A crack on the head can widen when stringing the racket. Depending on the severity of the damage, you can repair the broken badminton racquet[how to fix broken badminton racket] or buy a new one.

Proper Racket Storage

Correct storage is a crucial factor in maintaining the quality and performance of a badminton racket. When you dump your equipment anyhow, it’s a matter of time before it gets broken. So here are vital storage tips:

Get a Padded Case

Don’t stuff your racket in just any bag. Instead, look for the recommended, well-padded casing for your precious equipment. Also, its shape should house the racket happily and shield off moisture.

Ensure the interior of the casing is dry all the time. Therefore keep the bag in a cool and dry place. But make sure it’s somewhere visible. That way, it reduces the chances of someone stepping on it accidentally.

For that reason, a thermal-lined bag is the best option for storing the racquet. That way, even the string tension remains at its optimal state.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

After a match, never abandon the racket in your car. The temperature inside the car can soar high, more so during summer. The high temperature will cause the frame to warp and strings to slack.

That means don’t keep it near a reflective window, boiler, or a heating coil. Similarly, the extreme cold temperature does harm to it.

No Stacking of Heavy Objects On It

When storing or transporting a racket, don’t stack a heavy object on it. Otherwise, it may bend, slacken the strings, or break beyond repair.

Avoid Racket Clash

Take every precaution to avoid hitting your opponent’s racket with your racquet. Mostly that happens when playing double. A racket clash can cause bending or cracking of the carbon frame. That holds for both old and new equipment.

Don’t Let Shuttlecock Hit the Ring

A mishit that lets the shuttle hits the racket frame is a threat. So do all you can and avoid an impact between the shuttle and the body.

Depending on the intensity of the impact, the graphite frame can break or develop lines of weaknesses. For that reason, amateur badminton players can use metal frame racquets till they have improved their skills.


Buying a new racket from reputed badminton racket brands[famous badminton racket brands] is not enough. How you use and store the equipment matters a lot. The proper care and maintenance of the racquet lengthens its lifespan and preserves its performance.




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