How to Lace Badminton Shoes

Did you know that there are 2 Trillion possible ways to feed your laces through six pairs of eyelets on your badminton shoes? Don’t worry I won’t be going through all the two trillion but at least five of the easiest ways to lace/tie your shoes quickly.

We’ll focus on the lacing techniques here that will help you get a proper lace-up that nicely wraps your feet and doesn’t let them slip or feel uncomfortable when playing, running or jogging.

I’ve listed five ways to lace up your shoes and each one focuses on making your badminton shoes more comfortable and to tightly wrap your feet.

Table of Contents

Prevent Heel Slippage

The first method helps to prevent heel slippage. Keeping your heel in the heel cup is very important. This technique helps to tie the shoe tightly and prevents narrowing the fit.

Here’s how it works:

  • Start by lacing up from bottom of next to last eyelet
  • Lace over and down into the top eyelet of same side
  • Repeat the same steps for other side
  • Once you’ve formed the same pattern on the other side, tie your shoes and this will give you a tight fit at ankle and keep the heel in the heel cup

Lacing Technique for Narrow Feet

Do you have narrow feet and find it hard to get a perfect lace-up every time? Well, try this lacing technique that gives a snugly fit and nicely locks the feet with no heel slip or twist as well. Moreover, it also prevents the laces from loosening.

Here is how it is done:

  • As we’ve done in the first step, lace down through the next eye let of the same side
  • Repeat the same for the opposite side
  • Continue lacing your badminton shoes in a diagonal pattern and this will form a lace lock pattern that keeps your feet tightly fit and in place

Put your shoes on with this lacing technique and take a quick walk around and see how it feels.

Lacing for Wide Foot

Having wide feet is very common, in fact a whopping 30% of the world’s population has wide feet and this can make very difficult to find lace up perfectly. You have a high instep as well. In either of the case, here is what you need to do.

Assuming that you shoe has two sets of eyelets on each side, start by lacing in the set which is closest to its tongue.

Here is what we’ll be doing:

  • Start from the bottom of your shoe and lace up straight through the first eyelets
  • Next, you need to cross these laces over and then lace down via the second eyelets
  • However, we won’t cross over, instead lace up through third set
  • Again crossover and lace down via the fourth set while skipping through the fifth set of eyelets again
  • Continue like this until all the eyelets have been used

Finally, wear your pair and test the new adjusted pattern.

Lacing for Narrow Heel and Wide Forefoot

For narrow heel and wide forefoot, you can use two sets of laces. For this purpose, try buying a two short laces.

We will start by lacing the bottom three eyelet in a way that one lace and top eyelets with another lace. This will allow to adjust its width and tension for each of the laces.

At the end, use Ian’s Knot to prevent blowout which is a possible drawback of this lacing technique.

Criss-Cross Method

Finally, you can use the traditional criss-cross technique for lacing up best yonex badminton shoes. This is for the people with normal feet.

Just insert the laces in a criss-cross manner through all the eyelets and give your laces a proper lace-up and you are all set to run around and play games.

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