How to Clean Badminton Shoes

Cleaning your badminton shoes after playing, running or jogging is necessary. Doesn’t matter how good the fabric of your shoe is, it will collect dirt. This makes it crucial to clean them immediately after they’ve been exposed to dirt.

Moreover, clean shoes look more attractive and helps to enhance your overall personality as well. Also, if your pair is white in color, it is guaranteed to look dirty after a couple of days.

With all that in mind, here are five ways to wash your badminton shoes, keep them sparkling and increase their lifespan.

Using Colored Nail Polish

Sounds weird but it works. If you have white sneakers which has scratches and appear very prominent, you can use a white colored nail polish to cover them. It can also clear off those smudges. Just a little touch and it will be gone.

If you have a shoe pair other than white, use the same color nail polish and apply very carefully.

Mr. Clean Wipe & Magic Eraser

Believe me or not, it is worth your investment. Mr. Clean & Wipe Magic Eraser is easily available on Amazon and it helps in cleaning those stains, blemishes and spots. Just buy it online, take the Mr. Clean Wipe, apply the Magic Eraser and dab on the stained areas of your top 10 badminton shoes. Wipe off to clean them.

Alternatively, you can take a washrag, dip it in vinegar and rub it gently over the small stains.

Using Toothbrush

While using a cloth and some cleaning materials is a way to wash your shoes, but sometimes it can be hard to reach some areas of your badminton shoes. This is where you use a toothbrush and reach those spots.

Just take an old toothbrush, or even the one you’re using right now, maybe you haven’t changed it in a while…jokes apart…

Take warm water and gently soap the dirt spots. Now dip the toothbrush in warm water and rub it gently over the target spots.

Use a dry cloth to wipe it off and get a shining pair.

Clean Dirty Laces

Your laces also collect a lot of dirt as well and cleaning them can be a very tedious task. Simply put water in a pot and heat until it starts boiling. Turn off the stove when you see bubbles evaporating out of the water. Leave it there for about 2-minutes.

Finally, dip your laces in the warm water and let them be soaked for about 5-minutes before you take them out and air dry them.

Using Shampoo

Shoes can also pick some oil stains and using shampoo is a great way to get rid of them. You may step accidentally in an oil slick while crossing the street or dropped some oily stuff on your shoes unintentionally.

Don’t panic and apply gentle shampoo, warm water and scrub it using an old tooth brush.

This will help to wipe off the oily smudge on your badminton shoes and give them a bright new look again.

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