How to Buy a Second Hand Badminton Racket 

You can secure the best badminton racket in two ways. Either buy a brand new one or a second-hand version. Ideally, a brand new racquet is the best way to go.

However, when you are under budget, you can still manage by with a used badminton racket. That can be the case when you are just starting the sport or you are a recreational player.

But when choosing a used racquet, you have to exercise keenness. You can land the best choice by employing the following buying tips.

Tips For Buying a Second Hand Badminton Racket

Condition of the Frame

The condition of the equipment matters greatly. So, scrutinize all the sections of badminton racket[parts of a badminton racket]. A used racket would have few chipping paints. But that should not worry you a lot. That’s because it’s either easy to repair and can as well serve in that state.

But take a close inspection for signs of cracks. Ensure that it’s only the paint that has chipped off and no deep crack is visible. Peeling of paints is brought by racket clashes. And if the impact of the collision is significant, it might give birth to tiny crevices.

On the same note, look at the strings and grip. A racket that still has a relatively new factory grip and cords with less fuzz are promising.

Check on the Grommets

The grommets help to maintain the string tension. A broken, cut, or cracked grommet is a bad sign. The racket is most likely to break during stringing.

So check on the grommet lines for the intensity of damage from the previous stringing. For that reason you can touch all-round the frame to feel any bumps. The fewer grommets you’ll have to replace, the better the racket.

The Authenticity of the Racket

Leading badminton racquet brands are reliable in performance and durability. So when buying second-hand racquets, prioritize those brands. However, be on the lookout for fake brands trying to imitate renowned companies.

It’s easy for a dealer to sell you a low-end brand at the price of an authentic brand. That’s why it’s advisable to know few trusted brands and their countries of origin.

Reputable Outlets

It’s easy to get ripped off your hard-earned cash by online stores and friends. If you can have the equipment and hold it before your eyes for a close-up inspection, the better. However, not everyone gets that opportunity.

For that reason, it’s better to rely on leading and trusted stores outlets. That way, you at least reduce your chances of being conned.

Know the Trending Models

It’s best to buy a used badminton racket that is relatively new. The longer it has taken the shorter lifespan it has. That’s why you should stay up to date with the trending models.

One way to do that is to pass by the badminton store and look at the various kinds of badminton rackets[different types of badminton rackets] on sale. It’s vital to take note of the previous years and the current trending rackets. By so doing, you can thus spot the models that have been on the market for ten years or longer.

Aim for Used Rackets from Professionals

Professionals and sponsored badminton players often treat their rackets with the utmost respect. Accordingly, you are more likely to get equipment that is in good condition from such group of players.

Besides in most cases, they get branded rackets and demos from their sponsors. That means when you buy from such groups, you are almost certain to secure an original product.


It’s possible to get a used racquet that is in a pristine state by following the tips highlighted before. Such a piece of equipment will attract fewer badminton racket maintenance[how to maintain badminton racket] practices. When you are a beginner, intermediate or recreational player, a used racquet makes a viable option.

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