How Much Do Badminton Players Make?

Badminton sport has immense benefits. But besides being an aerobic activity, top-ranking players in the game make money.

You can also rise to that level and make money in the game. And to fulfill that dream, you have to invest in the best badminton rackets and practice often.

But how much money can badminton players make? The players don’t get their income solely from fixed salaries. Instead, they have many ways of sourcing income as players.

You can understand that by examining their sources of income in the game.

How Badminton Players Make Money from the Sport

How Badminton Players Make Money from the Sport

Prominent badminton players can make money in one or more of the following ways:

Sponsorship from Leading Companies

Sponsorship from Leading Companies

Company sponsorship forms one of the best ways of making money as badminton players. Some of the leading badminton companies include Victor, Yonex, and Li-Ning.

Sponsorship from such reputable companies provides several benefits. For instance, they offer high-quality pieces of sports equipment to the players they sponsor. That includes the best badminton shoes, rackets, and clothing.

The companies either dish out the items free or at a highly subsidized price. However, they only consider players who have shown consistent outstanding performances.

In return, the sponsored players use only the company’s items in the competition. Further, those companies at times promote their products using the professional players’ images and videos. And in case the firm realizes sales, the player receives affiliate commissions.

Though rare, international badminton stars such as Kento Momota, Lee Chong Wei, and Lin Dan often get direct payments.

Besides, some companies prefer to sponsor a badminton team rather than individuals. In such cases, the dividends from the sponsors don’t trickle down to the individual players.

Funding from Government

Funding from Government

A sturdy of badminton history reveals that the sport originated from Asian countries. For that reason, some governments from those countries provide funding for their professional players.

For instance, the Chinese government caters to the expenses of its national team members. Such funding ensures that the players dedicate most of their time to training and sharpening their skills in the game. No wonder China produces some of the best international players.

Tournament Prize Money

Tournament Prize Money

Besides government funding, winners in the international tournaments get money. Often in competitions, your performance dictates how much income you receive.

Note that higher-tier tournaments give rewards right from the first round of the game. Such a move helps the players recover their entrance fee. However, lower-tier matches only pay the top winners of the event.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Only a few players are lucky to land sponsorship. And some of those who aren’t successful with sponsors resort to starting a badminton training facility.

With careful planning, such players manage to juggle between private coaching and playing badminton. And once the players have winded up their career, they find it easy to turn commit to full time coaching.

Also, others resort to training other inexperienced players on how to string badminton rackets. It’s worth noting that experienced players have gathered the know-how of restringing from both training and on international matches.

Still others engage in badminton-related side businesses. That includes operating a store that sells badminton pieces of equipment.

And How Much Do the Badminton Players Make?

And How Much Do the Badminton Players Make

As you have realized, there are numerous sources of revenue for the players. Therefore it isn’t easy to provide their monthly or yearly income estimates.

At the same time, the income also depends on the player’s skill level, performance, and tournament level. Though it’s demanding, few players that make it to the state level receive a few hundreds of dollars.

Also, the top elite players that gain international recognition can get up to half a million dollars. Once you register a consistently remarkable performance at the international level, securing a sponsorship deal is almost sure.

For example, the BWF Tour attracts a money prize of $1.5million. Also, in 2016 the iconic player PV Sindhu garnered about $8.7 million in prize money and endorsement. That placed her among the top 10 highest earning badminton players.


So as you have seen, there are many sources of revenue for badminton players. Government funding, tournament prizes and sponsorship from famous companies play significant roles.

With dedication and investment, badminton gives numerous benefits and significant earnings to top players.

So if you think you have a talent in the sport, don’t sleep on it. Sharpen your skill. Invest in badminton equipment and training. The returns are promising!

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