How Long is a Game of Badminton – The Determining Factors

Most sports have a fixed stipulated time for each match. However, badminton differs from other racket sports. It has no preset time that determines the end of a game.

But instead, there are scoring rules and conditions that eventually determine when the game ends. The average badminton professional match lasts 30 to 50 minutes.

But there are occasions when the game stretches to one hour or two hours. Read on to find the factors and rules controlling the length of the badminton game.

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Factors Dictating the Length of a Badminton Game

Boosting Self-Esteem

As said before, a badminton game has no predetermined playtime. No wonder looking into badminton history, you will realize it has evolved over different scoring systems.

So here are the rules and factors determining how long a badminton game lasts:

Playing to a Set of Three Games

It Helps You Remain Flexible

In a professional setting, two teams or persons play a set of three games. You can only become a winner when you win any two of the three best badminton sets.

But with practice, it doesn’t turn out simple as it may look. Here are the conditions for winning a game:

  • Each winner of a game targets 21 rally points and a lead of two points.
  • The maximum point for a game is 30. That means when the two parties clock 29-29, the first player to net 30 points wins the game.
  •  A player must win two of the three sets of the game.
  • If a player wins in the first and the second game, the match can end without going for the third game.

Mid and End of Game Rest Period

Mid and End of Game Rest Period

Besides the playtime, there is rest duration that also lengthens the playtime. Once the leading player scores 11 points, the players can rest for a maximum of 60seconds.

In addition, a maximum rest period of 120 seconds is allowed at the end of each game. That is when the first game ends a player can rest for 2 minutes. Similarly, when the second game ends, there are 2 minutes of rest time.

The break allows the players and their respective coaches to strategize. The break provides enough time to towel down, and take some water.

At the same time, the duration gives time for the wiping of perspirations from the court and thus minimizes accidents.

But a player can further reduce chances of skidding by wearing the best badminton shoes. Such a pair of shoes hold your feet well and provide the maximum grip of the court.

Emergency or Unforeseen Rests

Emergency or Unforeseen Rests

Officially, the game doesn’t allow a player to rests and recover strength once the game begins. However, other unforeseen circumstances may force the umpire to suspend the play for a while.

For example, in para-badminton a damaged racket that calls for repair or exchange may necessitate a suspension of the game.


So you can understand why some badminton games last longer than others. The scoring rules, rest period, and unforeseen circumstances make a badminton game playtime hard to predict. However, if you look at it keenly, that also adds to its excitement.

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