How Badminton Differs from Other Racquet Sports

In the modern world, many games employ rackets. One of those games is badminton. However, some people do confuse badminton with other racket sports.

The knowledge on the basics of the sport is thus vital. Only then can you appreciate the benefits of the game and why badminton sport compares to aerobic exercise

But first, let’s have a brief introduction to badminton. 

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What is a Badminton Game?

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It’s an indoor racquet sport played as either doubles or singles on a court. At the beginning of the game, a player serves the shuttlecock to the opponent. 

The two engage in a rally till the shuttle either drops down in the court or outside. In a professional match, players play three sets of games to 21 rally points.

A player only wins if he scoops the top position in either two games of the set. Besides, a two point’s lead is a must. 

Common Racquet Sports

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The common racket sports include badminton, tennis, squash, and table tennis. Although each of the sports use racquets, they differ in size and weight.  

However, to the unsuspecting mind, it’s easy to mistake one sport for the other. Thus let’s have a look at ways in which the badminton game differs from other racquet games. 

How Badminton Differs from Tennis Sport

Scoring System

Scoring System

The badminton scoring system differs from that of tennis. For example, in badminton, you play three sets of games to a total of 21 rally points. 

And in calculating the victor, you must win in two best badminton sets out of 3. And in case of scores tie, a winning party must either lead by two points or clock 30 points, whichever applies first. 

However, in tennis you play sets of 6 games. And the referee considers the best three games out of 5. Thus when you register 4 points, you become the winner.  

In the event of a tie in tennis sport, the two parties must continue in rounds till one party registers two consecutive wins. 

Court Size and Layout


The two sports also differ in terms of their court size and layout. For example, badminton requires a court size of 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. 

On the other hand, a tennis court is 78 feet long and 36 feet wide. Therefore, tennis game requires a larger court than that of a badminton sport.

When it comes to net size, badminton requires a net that stands 60 inches above the floor. But tennis uses a net that stands 36 inches tall. 

Equipment Used

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Tennis sport employs rackets that weigh about 250 to 350grams. But badminton’s rackets weigh 100 grams and below. Also, tennis rackets have a wider head diameter and larger string spaces than badminton. 

Whereas tennis uses a ball, badminton employs a projectile-like substance with feathers-shuttlecock. 

Foot Pattern and Movement

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Almost all the badminton shots require a player to jump and lunge multiple times during the game. However, the movement in tennis sport is characterized by running punctuated with sudden starts and jumps. 

Play Setting

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A badminton game is an indoor sport. It can take palace in an indoor gym with a high ceiling. One of the prime reasons why badminton takes place indoors is because of the wind.  

When the wind blows, it hinders the movement of the shuttlecock. That’s because the birdie is light and feathery. However, a tennis game employs a tennis ball. 

The tennis ball is heavier than the shuttlecock hence not significantly influenced by wind currents. For that reason, it fits the outdoor setting. Nevertheless, the court must have a fence to prevent the ball from drifting very far.  

Differences Between Badminton and Table tennis

Differences Between Badminton and Table tennis

There are few differences between badminton and table tennis. For instance, table tennis uses paddles (made of wood), but badminton uses rackets. 

On the other hand table tennis has its net rising only 6 inches. However, in a badminton game, you use a net that stands 5 inches above the ground. 

And a game of table tennis doesn’t require a large playfield like badminton. You only need a space of 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. 

In badminton, you have to switch servings whenever you lose a rally. However, in table tennis, serving changes after every two points.  

Whenever your opponent serves and the shuttlecock crosses over to your side of the court, it must not bounce off the ground. But the case is different in table tennis. The ball can bounce once before you hit it back. 


So from the post, you can realize that badminton is unlike other racquet sports in many ways. Some key differences stem from the racquet length, court size, scoring system, and rules. 

Therefore if you want to excel in the game, don’t just pick any racquet; choose the best badminton rackets. Then accompany it with the right pair of shoes. Besides sharpening your skills, playing badminton provides healthy exercise to the body.




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