History of Badminton And Its Amazing Developments

Many countries have adopted the sport. And several companies have sprung up in making the best badminton rackets ever. That includes Yonex, Victor, and Li-ning.

However, you can only appreciate the game by tracing its origin and development. So, have you ever wondered how the sport acquired its name? Read on to find out!

How to Play Badminton Game

How to Play Badminton Game

Badminton is a sport that employs rackets and a shuttlecock. It can have either two or four players standing on either side of the net.

The two parties use the racquet to hit the shuttlecock to cross the net back and forth. You earn a point when your opponent misses the shuttlecock. Hence, allowing the birdie to fall inside the court.

Origin of Badminton

Origin of Badminton
It was brought to England by English army officers in the 1860s. It was once known as Battledore and also Shuttlecock. The Duke of Beaufort introduced the game in the Town of Badminton England is principal home of Badminton. Indonesia is highly ranked in the world.

The origin of the badminton game dates back to 2000 years ago in ancient Greece, China, and India. It heavily borrows from the Poona game.

Historians can’t single out an individual that came up with the sport. However, they believe that high-ranking army officials in India started the Poona game in about 1870.

The sport helped them to pass time and exercise at the same time. That’s because badminton compares to an aerobic activity.

With time the sport gained momentum. It then expanded to different countries such as Germany, England, the USA, and Canada.

As it spread, the playing style changed slightly from the original Poona. Hence that gave birth to the modern badminton game.

How Did the Name Badminton Come Up?

How Did the Name Badminton Come Up
In 1870 there was a show based on hitting a shuttlecock according to the rules. A shuttlecock was made up of feathers and cork. Rules were similar to the present ones but contestants were dressed formally.

After some time, the British army officials in India retired and went back home. Before introducing the court and net, they called the game battledore and shuttlecock.

With time they introduced a court and net to the game. After the variations, the sport picked up among the elite class.

The sport was made public to guests of the Duke of Beaufort, at his house in the county of Gloucestershire. Ironically his residential was known as a Badminton house. The English quickly took to the sport. And from then on, the game adopted its new name badminton.

Following the popularity of the sport, the initial all England badminton championship for men took place in 1899. A year later, the female version of the tournament was held.

Formation of the International Badminton Federation, IBF (Currently BWF)

Formation of the International Badminton Federation, IBF (Currently BWF)

The current badminton world federation was initially known as the international badminton federation. Towards the end of the 19th century, the game began to gather more attention.

And therefore there was a need to come up with a body to oversee international badminton sports. And that led to the formation of the international badminton federation in 1934.

The countries that spearheaded the formation were Denmark, England, Canada, France, and Netherlands. Others included Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, and Scotland.

Two years later, India became an affiliated partner. Following the formation of IBF, the first BWFs championship took place in 1977.

The demonstration of the sport in the Olympics occurred in 1972. A few years later, in 1988, it was introduced as an exhibition game. But in 1992, it officially became an Olympic sport.

But by then, the game only comprised singles and doubles. And it wasn’t until 1996 that mixed doubles came up.

And by 2006, the countries had risen to 176. It’s in the same year that the members voted for its name change from IBF to BWF.

Top Participants in Badminton

Top Participants in Badminton

Badminton has spread in many countries. However, it’s common in Asian countries. Most Asian countries such as China makes significant investments in the sport.

That helps to boost its badminton players’ earnings. And the return is promising with the country producing many stars in the game.

Other top countries in the sport include Taiwan, India, Japan, Denmark, South Korea, and Sweden.


That gives you the key highlights in the history of badminton. Although it started in a few countries, it has spread and become an international sport.

That’s why it’s easy to get the best badminton shoes and other related equipment from leading stores. You can rise to the level of international stars. It all begins by cultivating interests, investing in the sport, and getting professional coaching!

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