How to Get Gum Off Badminton Shoes

One of the most irritating and possible the worst thing to happen is someone’s else chewed gum sticking up the bottom of your badminton shoes.


To be honest, as kids we all used to chew and spit our gum out on the streets and didn’t care much that someone’s expensive pair of shoe can step on it and it can ruin their day.

Well somewhat similar happened a couple of weeks back when my lovely pair of Adidas shoes had a big sticky gum sticking on the heel side and I was literally cursing the person who spit it there.

Anyhow, I figured some very effective ways to get rid of that gum nicely and you can also try them when it’s not your lucky day.

  • Freezing: This is only recommended if you don’t have expensive shoes. Put your shoes in a plastic bag and press the bag tightly against the plastic bag so it sticks to it. Now, put your pair in the freezer and allow it to freeze for two hours. Take out the bag, pull the plastic back from the shoe and this would easily peel off all the gum
  • Ice Cub: Take an ice cube and start rubbing it over the gum for like 10-15 minutes until it freezes and turns in a putty like substance. Take a small metallic stick or a fork and peel off the gum off your shoes
  • WD-40: When nothing works, WD-40 comes to the rescue. Spray it directly on the gum. This will harden it. Use a butter knife to scrap it off your badminton shoes and you’re all done

So, that’s it fellows. I hope these methods worked for you and you got that sticky gum peeled off nicely off your sneakers. For more, check out this list of best badminton shoes brand!

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