Essential badminton equipment: 7 items you can not miss

No game is complete without the equipment required.

Without that essential equipment, a sport is deemed worthless.

Imagine a game of badminton without a net, racket, shuttlecock, and other such essentials that can’t be ignored. Badminton, however, unlike other sports need lesser equipment or accessories. Moreover, the budget also remains intact, unlike other costly sports that require denting of the pocket.

If you are an aspiring badminton player and want to have a match with your competitors in the most conventional and professional way, these equipment need to be considered at any cost.

Let us have a look at that essential equipment.

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A powerful racquet


Well, this goes without saying, doesn’t it?

While we have all other equipment but a badminton racquet, can we play?

Absolutely not!

This is the most basic component required by a badminton player. One has to have a powerful racquet for the game of Badminton if planning to take it to a professional level. In fact, one has to follow certain specifications laid by the BWF. This is the body that has the authority of regulating the codified laws of badminton. As per these laws, the length pf the string can’t be more than 27.94 cm and the width can’t be more than 20.9 cm. The length of the badminton can’t exceed more than 68 cm and 23 cm in length and width respectively. Choose the best frames for a powerful smash. Ensure the grip is the suitable one for you. There are four grip sizes available viz. G2, G3, G4, and G5. You can check out top 15 badminton rackets review.



After badminton racquet that comes is the shuttlecock without which a game can’t be played.

If it is a feathered one, there will be 16 feathers affixed to a cork which is then given a cover of leather. The weight of the shuttlecock shouldn’t exceed 5.50 grams the minimum being 4.74 grams.

Depending on your specialty of smashing or answering a shot, choose the cock from a range of feathered and synthetic. You will know your favorite as the time passes by and you have tried each of the variants.

Court shoes


Badminton players need to move about a lot.

This moving around does pressurize the forefeet which can be painful while you are relaxing at night. Moreover, if the shoes that are holding your body weight, they need to be extremely comfortable and cushioned that will let your feet breathe without tiring your feet. Remember that not only do you use your hands while playing badminton but also your feet. Without the feet supporting you, your hands will co-ordinate well in making you the winner. If not a winner, the idea is to not get exhausted after a match is played. Apart from this, the shows shouldn’t slip on the court. Brands like Victor as well as Yonex are quite popular among the youths and players of Badminton. You can read our review of badminton shoes for more!

Badminton net


After the racquet and shuttlecock, the equipment that is of utmost importance is the net.If not professionally played, you can do without the net. For professionals and practices that will matter in the long run, you need it.

There is a specific height from the ground assigned for a professional match of Badminton. From the ground, it should measure neither more nor less than 5 feet. The net edges are tapped in white so that the actual height of the net is visible for a fair game.


Although sounds a trivial one but it does have an important role to play. Good quality socks and the one that absorbs sweat from the feet to keep you comfortable is a necessity.

Don’t compromise on the socks that come for cheap. Trust me! Socks that cost less will be poor in quality leading to poor performance.

Wristband and headband


Well, they may be purchased or may not be. They are not too mandatory as long as you have long hair that disturbs your play. For some, they work as fashion accessories. Many players, therefore get these bands for the “good feel” factor. After all, badminton players with wristbands and headbands do look super cool. Nevertheless, we can’t deny the fact that wrist bands do help you in preventing the sweat flowing to the handle of your racket and that the headband helps the sweat from getting into your eyes.

Badminton apparel


Wearing something really comfortable during the match can do wonders. If you wear cotton t-shirts either round necked or collared, you will be more at ease than other fabric t-shirts because while playing badminton, you sweat a lot as it demands more cardio-vascular activities. It is imperative to wear light clothing so that the heat and sweat of the body are absorbed without affecting one’s performance.

Now that you have known for all the essential equipment, playing badminton should be a child’s play for you. Play in style and play professionally. For every game, one has to have the perfect equipment so that the game enhances with every match you play.

When you practice from the beginning, the later phase gets easier and convenient for you. Ensure that you check all the equipment before you buy them because it is only “practice that makes a man perfect”.

Each of the equipment listed above in our site can be a game changer for you. These are mainly for professionals who play competitive matches. If not a professional, a beginner in this game can also stick to the essentials so that he or she is accustomed to the game and get acquainted with it eventually. A racquet and a shuttlecock are not enough to play your best; you need the other equipment too.

If you have the equipment, it is also important that you take good care of them so that you don’t have to squander the next time. These high-quality products will change your perception towards the most underrated sport badminton. Now that you have already planned to choose this outstanding game as your career, only give your best and it will give you back only the best.


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