Corporate Tournament Reached Its Record Participants BACBC

The 2014 Bay Area Corporate Badminton Challenge (BACBC) tournament took place at Bintang Badminton in Milpitas on Saturday, May 17, 2014. Congratulations to this years winners!

BACBC reached a new record high in attendance this year with approximately 550 participants across 32 teams. The tournament format organizes the 32 teams into eight pools of four teams each for round robin play. A new scoring system of 11-point games was put in place this year for the round robin matches to help expedite the match play. All teams advance to the double-elimination playoffs 1st and 2nd place teams advance to Division A, while 3rd and 4th place teams advance to Division B. Any team that loses its first round in the playoffs drops to the Consolation bracket for its division.

This years tournament was run by Deepak Gulla (Cisco) and Cindy Tam (SuperMicro), the 2013 Division A and B BACBC winners, respectively. This tournament would not be possible without the dedication and hard work from them and all the team representatives and members who volunteered and helped with BACBC activities. This years sponsors were New York Life, New York Pizza, WalmartLabs and Yonex.

As is the tradition for every BACBC, this years winning teams, Qualcomm and VMware, will organize next years tournament.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the teams for yet another successful BACBC!

Division A :

1st place: Qualcomm

2nd place: Netapp

3rd place: Apple

Cons A: Intel

Division B:

1st place: VMware

2nd place: Marvel

3rd place: HP

Cons B : Brocade

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