Can You Bring a Badminton Racket on the Plane?

The quality badminton rackets are the lifeline of every badminton player. It costs a significant amount of dollars and research time to acquire such a piece of prized equipment.

And whenever you go, you don’t wish the valuable racket leaves your sight. So that brings up the question, can you bring a badminton racket on a plane?

How to Bring a Badminton Racket On a plane

Each airline has its restriction on the luggage you can carry in your hands. However, most airlines don’t allow the carrying of badminton rackets as hand luggage. The regulations highlight the type, size, and weight of the hand luggage.

Such rules ensure passengers only bring on board the luggage that is safe to carry and fits the overhead compartment. A standard badminton racquet has a length of 675mm.

Many air companies thus classify it under check in baggage. For that reason, the best way is to pack a racket as check-in luggage.

Alternatively, you can call your preferred airline and know whether they allow rackets as hand luggage or not. Be prepared to state the size and weight of the racquet.

Packing a Badminton Racket for Safe Transportation by Air

Some airline staff have a habit of mishandling the bags of passengers. Therefore the type of bag and how you package the racket matters. Hence follow the tips below:

Consider Using the Original Racket Case

When buying used badminton rackets[how to buy a second hand badminton racket] or new racquets, you most likely acquire them with casings. Such a bag accommodates the equipment without causing undue tension to the frame. Besides, the original racket case cushions it and thus minimizing chances of breakage.

Alternatively, Buy Another Bag

In case you don’t have the original racket bag, consider investing in a fitting bag. However, the bag needs to fit the racket correctly.

So better carry an old racquet with you so that you can choose its cover wisely. Remember, a wrapped racquet will be bigger than the frame size, so you need a big bag.

Don’t Forget About Using Styrofoam and Bubble Wraps

You need to provide sufficient cushion to the racquet. Therefore you should invest in bubble wraps, Styrofoam packing nuts, or even both. That way you’re sure your bag can withstand the shock of abrupt dropping or mishandling.

In Case You Are Bringing Several Rackets, Wrap them Individually

Sometimes you may have to transport numerous rackets by air. The best way to protect every piece of equipment is to wrap each individually. That eliminates chances of developing scratches on the fame.

If possible, Transport the Racket Unstrung

The variation in surrounding temperature during flight causes the string tension to change too. That’s why it’s advisable to check the racket into the plane unstrung. By so doing, the change in string tension won’t affect the frame tension.


Ideally, the racquet should not leave your sight. So consult with the airline before travel. That way, you can know their policy on traveling with rackets.

But if the air company doesn’t allow it as check-in baggage, don’t worry. Use the tips highlighted before to ensure your racket reaches its destination unbroken.

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