Top 12 Badminton Sets in 2020 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

Fitness and health has always been the key to achieving more in life. The frailty on any of the two can tremendously hurt the chances of maximizing and seizing opportunities that may come our way. Hence, being proactive in choosing activities to promote the two is essential. Some people go for activities that promote leisure while giving them the workout they need. A good example of this would be pro or backyard badminton. This is a sport that people of different ages enjoy. If you are someone who wants to try out the sport, now is a good time to look for a quality badminton set.

Best Badminton Sets Review

Baden Champions Badminton Set

This set is ideal for backyard badminton games, summer camps and other social events. This is stored easily and can be carried anywhere as it comes with a premium weather-resistant case. This is good for those who want high visibility as it comes with an optic yellow badminton net and boundary lines. It can be easily set up as it has an adjustable and power coated aluminium poles. The set includes high quality tournament-level badminton racquets, nylon shuttlecocks and regulation size badminton net with all the necessary hardware for setting it up. This comes with a round disc on the end of the posts for stability, however, this also makes it a bit challenging to set up on areas where the posts are to be buried or inserted on the ground. It is recommended that you keep extra shuttlecocks as some players who use it all the time claims to it being worn out easily. As for the rest of the set, it is claimed to be durable and long-lasting.


  • Portable, travel ready, easy storage
  • High visibility net and boundary lines
  • Easily adjustable poles


  • Pole height a bit low for adults
  • Thin metal poles
  • Pole becomes unstable over time
  • Badminton shuttles wear outs easily


RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set

This is known for its durability. It features a flexible carbon fiber or graphite shaft. It belongs to the Fiber Flash 7 series where rackets are made with a gorgeous one-piece design that connects entirely the head and the shaft of the racket. Apart from this, people love using this for its steady grip. It has an embossed grip that doesn’t come off easily. As a part of the Fiber Flash 7 collection, this comes with good design and functionality. It is lightweight and tightly strung, hence, it can be carried anywhere. It can be carried to backyard parties, beach parties or even in simple park picnics and get-togethers. It comes in a zippered, lightweight fabric carrying bad that is made to house two great pre-strung rackets, and 3 yellow-colored nylon skirt shuttlecocks. Users say this is ideal for players of all ages. The rackets are so lightweight that even a nine-year old can handle it. It offers flexibility and balance throughout the entire time it’s used in a game. A downside would fall on the containers as it is made of plastic and the lid does not have a tight fit.


  • Durable because of one-piece design
  • Comes with a steady, embossed grip
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight and tightly strung rackets


  • Lid of container does not have a tight fitting lid
  • Plastic-made containers

Speedminton S600 Set

This product has been a favourite for speed badminton players as its rackets are made of hardened aluminium. This is one of the top-rated rackets in terms of durability and quality. It comes in a set of 2 S600 speed badminton rackets, 3 birdies, 1 wind ring, and 2 original speed lights. This can be used at night as it comes with a night speeder that makes it visible in the dark. It lasts for three hours, thereby making it an ideal go-to racket during camps, beaches and outdoor parties. Users also claimed that this is a good set for playing in settings where it is a bit windier than usual. This is available for players of different age ranges. It is very easy to use even for kids, so this is a good pick for families who want to enjoy the game. This is definitely a purchase that is worth every penny.


  • Sturdy because of hardened aluminium material
  • Comes with a night speeder, visible in the dqark
  • A good set for windy settings


  • A bit expensive

Champion Sports Deluxe Outdoor Game Sets

  • This rugged outdoor sports equipment can endure intense smashes as it features heavy duty powder coated aluminium poles and a premium nylon net with waterproof tarpaulin tapes. This has tournament and professional quality, so you can enjoy using the 4-piece badminton rackets, 2 goose feather shuttlecocks, 2 nylon practice birdies and 1.2 inch thick nylon made net all the time. If you are to go on camping trips, outdoor games, and tailgating, this is the best bet for you. It is convenient and easy to carry as it comes with a durable, weather resistant carrying bag. This is good for different settings, but may not be the best pick for the beach or setups where the poles are to be setup in sand. Also, the birdies are made of plastic feather, so this may not be ideal for professional use as its pieces may come off overtime. But overall, the quality is good for its price and the set can be enjoyed by kids and adults.


  • Heavy duty coated aluminium poles and premium nylon net, durable
  • Can stand rough plays
  • Comes with a weather-resistant bag, portable


  • Shuttles wear off easily
  • Poles not ideal for the beach or any surface that has sand

Yolo Sports Game, Badminton Set

In comparison with other professional badminton sets, this is not the best pick for frequent playing. However, this is a good set for starters. This comes in good packaging, fast delivery service and is deemed good for its price. Extra care is needed for the tapes on the rackets as it may peel easily when used overtime. The same caution should be taken on the plastic or vinyl border pieces on the top and bottom part of the net to prevent it from peeling off easily. Overall, the quality is good and has a sturdy construction. Assembly may be a bit of a challenge, but transport and carry is easy as it comes with a good a storage bag that makes it portable and ideal for mobile events. You do not have to worry as the manufacturer provides a 90-day warranty that you can bank on in case of defects and problems upon arrival and use.


  • Good starter set for beginners
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy transport because of storage bag
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty


  • Not tournament quality
  • A bit difficult to assemble
  • Plastic or vinyl comes off easily

Yonex B 350 2 rackets M350 YM Shuttlecock Badminton Combo Set

A good bet for basic play for outdoor settings and other social gatherings. If you are looking for a set that can be handled well by children and adults, this is a good one to start with. It is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. It offers convenience and portability as it comes with a half badminton carry bag that you can use when travelling. This is known for being one of the best portable badminton sets. The only downside reported by some of its users is that the racket threads may disassemble or break easily as the knots are not tight enough to hold it together overtime. This set is good for beginners and those who want to start practicing the game. This may not be the ideal set for professional players as it may wear off after frequent and long-term use. But if you need a set for casual games, this set can deliver.


  • A good set for kids and teenagers
  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere


  • Racket threads has tendency to disassemble or break
  • Not a set for professional playing
  • Not too sturdy

Park & Sun Sports Portable Outdoor Badminton Net System with Carrying Bag

If you are looking for a step-up from starter sets, this one is next in line. This features a regulation size, nylon blend net that has top and bottom tapes with reinforced corners and side sleeves which facilitate even net tension throughout the game. It offers ease in terms of installation and setup as it has a push-button pole locking system. This is a well-made set that offers quick adjustments and a stable taut net because of its 3/16” double guyline with tension rings. This is ideal for players who are leaning towards rough play and frequent use because of its sturdiness and durability. It has 4 aluminum badminton rackets, 4 10” PVC ground stakes and 3 A-grade nylon shuttlecocks with cork tips that easily fit into a heavy-polyester zippered bag with carrying handles. Overall, this set performs well and lasts long. The only downside some users point out would be that the rackets have plastic handles with no wraps, requiring more effort and energy to use.


  • Durable, has reinforced corners and side sleeves
  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Has a push-button pole locking system for easy access
  • Offers stability


  • Plastic racket handles with no wraps
  • Hard to grip and use


This set features one size rackets that are pre-strung. It is lightweight and therefore ideal for adult and junior players. This is a set that can be used by beginner and intermediate players. It is loved for its tight strings and sturdy handles as it stands and holds up for a long time even during rough plays and smashes. This gives a good feel and grip for players, so a 2 or 3 hour game is possible without causing too much strain on the arm in use. While the set comes with excellent and top-of-the-line rackets, the free shuttlecocks may be a bit levelled down compared to it. This is claimed to be a bang for the buck. Adults love it, kids love it, and this has been a favourite in terms of long-term playing for families and friends. This is good for recreational use, not so much for professional use.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be used by junior players
  • Has tight strings and sturdy handles
  • Has free shuttlecocks


  • Not for tournaments and professional use
  • Shuttles not as durable as rackets

Trained Premium Quality Set of Badminton Rackets

Various players can enjoy the set for playing. This set comes with pre-strung rackets that are easy to use, lightweight and made with high quality materials. This is ideal for group plays as it comes in a set of two. Whether it is for practice or for doubles, this set is perfect. Players love the rackets as they are easy to manoeuvre for both kids and adults. This comes with a bit of surprise to spice things up. It comes with LED shuttlecocks that change into different colours, so it is definitely a treat and a source of fun for kids who want to play. However, extra care should be taken when using the shuttlecocks as it may fall off after a couple of use. This remains a favourite as it comes in a good deal. Its manufacturer comes with a money back guarantee in case you do not feel satisfied with your purchase.


  • Pre-strung rackets that are high quality
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Easy to handle for kids and adults
  • Has LED shuttles for fun and visibility
  • Comes with a money back guarantee


  • Shuttlecocks not as sturdy as rackets


Senston – 2 Player Badminton Racquets Set

If there is one thing that players love about this model, it is that it comes in a one-piece design and the built-in T-joint inside the rackets. This facilitates stability and high-precision performance, plus there is less chances of the rackets being deformed because of the carbon aluminium component. The badminton racket’s shaft is made of Graphite which makes it sturdy. It is light weight so you do not have to worry about having shoulder pains after hours of use. It gives the convenience of adjusting the over grip so you can keep your hands dry, improve comfort and lessen rubs. This is also easy to carry and bring anywhere because of the carrying bag that comes with a shoulder strap. You can easily fit in 2 badminton rackets, 2 overgrip, and 2 nylon badminton into the bag. Use it for casual entertainment in the beach, picnics, BBQ parties and other outdoor settings.


  • Comes with a built-in T-joint and in a one piece design
  • High-precision, excellent stability
  • Graphite badminton racket shaft for durability
  • Adjustable grip


  • Rackets may breakdown after long and rough plays

Sportime Complete Sport Badminton Kit

If you are looking for a set that can last for years, you can check out this set as this is popular for having a durable design. It features aluminium frames and tempered steel shafts in each racket so you are sure to have a good one even during rough plays. The shuttlecocks are also reliable as they are all-nylon. This is definitely worth your money because users have claimed to have their sets lasting for years. This is portable and good for travels as you can fit the racket and shuttlecocks in a handy Sportime team carrying bag that comes with it. Players claimed that this is good for playing, but works best for kids and teenagers. This is a set that you can use for leisure, but not the ideal for tournaments or professional games. Those who have taken this to professional playing claimed that the quality was not at par to the quality needed for tournaments.


  • Durable design, comes with aluminium frames and tempered steel shafts
  • Shuttlecocks are all-nylon
  • Easily stored in Sportime team carrying bag


  • Not a good fit for professional playing


Pro Impact Badminton Set Aluminum Head w/Steel Shaft – Includes Rackets, Feather Shuttlecocks & Carry Case Outdoor Games for Kids Adults Family

If you are someone who values style and functionality, this one is for you. The Pro Impact Badminton Set comes with a stylish carrying case that you can take with you anywhere whether it is a family reunion, a day at the park, a backyard barbeque or just about any occasion you can think of. This set includes two badminton rackets and three feather shuttlecocks for convenience. Since it comes with three birdies, you can save some of your energy and enjoy playing games with fewer interruptions. As for the rackets, they are ideal for people of different ages. This is a good pick for kids because it is lightweight. However, extra care should be taken as the rackets are not so sturdy. Overall, the set is good for recreational use and play. If you are looking for a set that you can use for professional playing, it would be better to get a set made for that type of play.


  • Offers style and functionality, stylish case
  • Comes with three birdies for convenience
  • Good set for kids and teenagers


  • Badminton set quality not at par for tournaments and official games

How to Choose Good Badminton Sets

Start by Choosing the Right Racket

We must know that the main equipment for the sport is the badminton racket. A good racket should complement and enhance your natural playing skill instead of hindering it. With the various choices available in the market, knowing how to choose the right one for you is essential. There are a lot of questions to ask, but the important ones are based on the knowledge of knowing a reputable brand to get a set from. From there, you can consider other factors such as shaft stiffness, weight, grip size and the racket’s balance.

Checking the racket’s balance

One can choose between the three major options such as head light, even balance, and head heavy. When we speak of the head light, we are referring to a type of balance that facilitates easy swings and manoeuvring. However, there is less power and impact generated on this type of balance. The next one, the even balance, is an excellent all-rounder that facilitates power. And lastly, the head heavy, facilitates powerful and impactful shots. There are other types available too; one must know which one to choose to make sure their skills are honed well.

Checking the racket’s weight

For beginners, it may be challenging to find the right weight for their rackets. Some might think assume that all rackets come in similar weight ranges. What they do not know is that a racket’s weight can deeply impact their performance during a game. This is because a racket that is heavier may be harder to use for beginners as they have not yet developed the muscle memory needed for the swings. In contrary, a racket that is light may make it hard to develop the muscle needed to produce the power needed for the swings. Getting the weight right is important as this gets you in the right track.

Checking the Racket’s Grip Size

When looking at your racket’s grip size, remember to get a racket with a smaller grip size. This is because it is easier to adjust and add up extra over grips than downsizing. Some people would recommend that you go for the G5 (81 mm) or the smallest one to be safe. This should be taken into consideration as the wrong grip can badly affect your performance.

Start by Choosing the Right Shuttlecocks

The badminton shuttle is as important as the racket. A good game cannot push through if the shuttle is easily worn out or is not flying well. There are two types of shuttles, it can either be synthetic or feather type. When we speak of the feather type, we are talking about the one made of goose or duck wings. The other type would be the synthetic one which is an imitation of real feathers.

Understanding Shuttle Speed

It is important to understand that shuttles come in two different speeds. It can come with a fast shuttle speed which means it can travel a bit longer in terms of distance. Or it can come with a slow shuttle speed which means it cannot go far. Some people who do not know this may think of a shuttle with a slow speed as a lousy one, which in fact, is not. There are a lot of factors that come into play, understanding these will definitely help you upgrade your game play.

Factors Affecting the Shuttle Speed

The three major factors that you should consider when choosing which shuttle speed to go with are humidity, temperature and altitude. In terms of temperature, a shuttle will be faster in a hot weather and slower in cold weather. In terms of altitude, a shuttle will have a faster speed in higher grounds than that when used in lower grounds. It helps to check the bottom part of the shuttlecock tube as this is where the shuttle speed is usually located.

Different Types of Shuttle Speed

A 75 speed is the slowest and it is ideal to be used in very hot countries above sea level. 76, quite slow, also good for hot countries, 77, moderate in speed, used in countries at sea level with normal temperature, 78, quite fast, idea for cold countries below sea level, and lastly, 79, fast, to be used for cold countries below sea level. This is a guide that you can follow. However, shuttle speed should always depend on your pace and comfort. For beginners, it is recommended to get a shuttle with a fast shuttle speed as this will allow them time to strike a blow and hit it from baseline to baseline.

Points to Consider When Buying a Badminton Set

Is it worth the price?

The price should always match the quality of your set. You can find badminton sets at lower prices, but the question you should be asking is, is it worth the price? What good is a set if it does not give you the experience you want? Most sets with low quality rackets and shuttles end up being torn or worn out early after its purchase. So if you want to have spontaneous and hassle-free games, go for one that is of high quality and is reasonably priced.

A good tip that you can take away from most players is that they do their own share of research before their purchase. They look up top-rated brands and their respective reviews in the internet. In this way, you get to see which brands are of high calibre and which brands are not. There are sets that are made for beginners and casual plays, and there are those made for professional games and tournaments. Knowing what the set is made for can actually help you get the set you need.

Once you find a reliable store to buy it from, you will be able to pick one according to the guidelines mentioned earlier. You can go for a racket and shuttle of your preference. Do not forget to consider your place’s temperature, humidity, and altitude. It also helps to know the terrain in which you are to play, so you know if there is a need to get more shuttles with you.


There are truly no excuses when it comes to promoting good health. If you do not have the luxury of time to go to the gym, you can always mix your workout with play. Do it with your family or friends, a badminton game is always a good idea. With the guide listed above, you will be able to score the best finds that perfectly suit your personal needs. Make sure to give the top-rated badminton sets a try, you will not be disappointed. Taking the guidelines alongside you will give you the best, stress-free and fun experience you will ever have in playing this sport.

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