Badminton vs. Tennis – A Comprehensive Comparison

Badminton and tennis games are worldwide renowned racket sports. The games command a significant number of fans.

It’s easier to compare and contrast badminton against volleyball. But can you point out the similarities and differences between badminton and tennis game?

What is a Tennis Game?

badminton vs tennis

It’s a racket sport played by a set of two opposing players or single competitors. The players use the racket to hit a rubber ball (of a specific size) to cross over a net.

Every player aims to hit the ball in a manner that his opponent won’t make a clean return. The origin of tennis sport goes back to the 12th century in France. It borrows heavily from the sport that’s called “game of the palm.”

The game has undergone several transformations. That includes the introduction of racquets and hence the birth of modern tennis.

What is a Badminton Game?

What is a Badminton Game

Badminton is an indoor racket sport, and its history dates back to around the 1860s in India. The sport has borrowed greatly from Poona.

It involves two players hitting a shuttlecock back and forth using a racket. If a player misses the shuttlecock, the opponent earns a point. You can play the sport with a set of two people or as singles.

What Are the Differences Between Badminton and Tennis?

Racket Length

Tennis and badminton are both racket sports. However, the rackets used in each of the games are not the same.

A badminton racket has a maximum length of 68cm (26.8 inches). Besides, BWF (Badminton World Federation) sets the width of the hitting surface to a maximum of 8.7 inches. So the best badminton rackets must have quality materials and measure to the official dimensions.

However, a tennis racket exceeds the badminton racquet in length and width. In tennis, the racquet has a maximum length of 29 inches. At the same time, the width of the hitting surface must not exceed 11.5 inches.

Court Size

Court Size

A tennis sport can take place indoors or outdoors. Doubles requires a court that measures 78 feet long and 36 feet wide. But when playing singles, a tennis court should measure 78 feet long and 27 feet wide.

Badminton doubles require a court of 44 feet long and 20feet wide. However, the court for playing singles has a reduced width of 17 feet.

Also, the net in the badminton court stands 60 inches high. However, the net used in the tennis court has a height of 36inches.

Racquet Weight

Racquet Weight

Besides length, badminton and tennis racquet differ in weight. A badminton racquet’s weight ranges from 2.3 to 3.5ounces (about 80 to 100 grams.

On the other hand, a tennis racquet weighs approximately 9 to 12 ounces (255 to 340g). And from the figures, you realize a tennis racquet is far much heavier than a badminton racquet.

Tennis Ball vs. Shuttlecock Dimension

Tennis Ball vs. Shuttlecock Dimension

In tennis sport, you use a racket to hit a tennis ball. According to the Internal Tennis Federation, the diameter of the tennis ball can vary from 2.57 to 2.70inches (6.54 to 6.86cms).

At the same time, the ball must weigh 56.0 to 59.4g (1.98 to 2.10 ounces). At the international competition, only white or yellow tennis balls are allowed.

In badminton, you use a racket to hit a shuttlecock. The shuttlecock is also known as a birdie.

Competitive tournaments employ a birdie that’s made of feathers and a cork material at the base. And it weighs about 16 to 19 ounces. That makes the tennis ball lighter than the shuttlecock.

Ball vs. Shuttle Speed

Ball vs. Shuttle Speed

Regarding speed, a badminton birdie travels faster than a tennis ball. For instance, according to the Guinness world record, the fastest badminton shot stands at 264.7mph. On the other hand, the fastest ever recorded tennis shot stands at 163.4mph.

Influence/ Fame

Influence/ Fame

The extent to which the two sports have penetrated different parts of the world differs. For example, the top countries known for badminton include china, japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Europe.

On the other hand, tennis is famous in countries like the USA, Australia, and Europe. And from the world population census, India and China each have a population of over a 1.3million.

Hence you can conclude that badminton commands more fans than tennis.

Footwork and Movement Around the Court

Footwork and Movement Around the Court

Both games require constant motion of the body. However, the pattern traced by the body and the feet isn’t the same.

Badminton game involves jumping and lunging mostly. On the other hand, a tennis game involves more running punctuated with abrupt starts and stops.

Scoring System

Scoring System

The badminton sport uses the best badminton sets to determine the winner. And to become the winner of the game, you must score 21 points and lead by two points. However, when two teams tie, the first to hit 30 points becomes the winner of the match.

In tennis sport, you need 4 points (love, 15, 30, and 40) to win a game. At the same time, six games make up a set. But in most competitive tournaments, you have to win 3 or 5 sets to emerge the winner of the match.

In case of a tie, the two teams can play an extra round to determine the winner. Another option is for the teams to continue with the rounds until one player gathers two consecutive points.

Earnings for Players

Earnings for Players

Badminton seems to have more followers than the tennis game. However, the reverse is true for top-earning players in the two sports.

When you consider the top 10 richest players in the sports, tennis professional players win with a wide margin. For example, there is a wide gap between the top richest player in tennis (Roger Federer) and badminton (Lee Chong Wei).

Similarities Between Badminton and Tennis Sports

Similarities Between Badminton and Tennis Sports

Despite their notable differences, the sports still share a few features such as:

  • Both are racket sports, though the racket weight and length differ.
  • Badminton and tennis courts have a net
  • The two games appear in Asian Games and Olympics
  • You can play the games as singles or doubles for both men and women.


Both badminton and tennis are reputable racket sports worth learning. Badminton is widespread in Asian countries.

And worldwide, there are many most esteemed badminton competitions attracting millions of followers. On the other hand, tennis also has its share of fans, mostly in western countries.

So of the two, which game thrills you most?

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