Badminton vs. Table Tennis Comparison 

When talking about the most common indoor games, badminton and table tennis appears in the list. The two are competitive racket games.

Table tennis, otherwise called Ping-Pong, has resemblances and differences from badminton. Knowing the difference between the sporting activities helps in making an informed preferred choice.

Here is a brief overview of the table tennis game.

Table Tennis

Playing Rules

The history of the indoor game dates back to the end of the 19th century. The sport requires a flat table (9 x 5 x 2.5 feet) divided into two halves by a net.

The players use a paddle to hit the table tennis ball to the opponent. The receiving player then lets the ball bounce once on the table then hits it back. If he fails, his opponent earns a point.

Similarities Between Badminton and Table Tennis

Both are Olympic Sports

Both are Olympic Sports

Table tennis became an officially recognized Olympic sport in 1988. Initially, players only played the following:

  • Men’s singles
  • Men’s doubles
  • Women’s singles
  • Women’s doubles

However, a few years later, in 2008, a team event replaced the doubles.

The Badminton game has also been an Olympic game since 1992. And just like table tennis, initially, there were only singles and doubles for men and women at the Olympic level. But in 1996, mixed doubles was adopted.

Both are Racket Sports.

Both are Racket Sports

Badminton and table tennis are racket sports. However, they employ rackets that differ in size and design. Whereas a badminton racquet has a mesh of high tension strings, a paddle features a solid wood covered by rubber.

When comparing badminton against tennis, you’ll realize that their rackets share more similarities than table tennis racquets.

Indoor Sports

Indoor Sports

When researching about indoor sports, you’ll realize the two falls under that same category. Although table tennis is played on a table, it must be indoors.

Number of Players

Number of Players

The number of players in badminton is similar to that of table tennis. That’s because the two indoor sports have both singles and doubles versions. You can play as one player against another or two players versus two opposing players.

Fast-Paced Sports that Require Agility

Fast-Paced Sports that Require Agility

When it comes to speed, the two games are fast-paced sport. When your opponent hits the shuttle or ball, it travels at a tremendous speed. Besides the games require agility.

But between the two, badminton is faster. The birdie often registers a speed of over 200mph. According to Olympic records, the fastest badminton hit ever recorded stands at 264.7mph (426km/h).

Surprisingly the player comes from one of the most famous badminton countries.

A table tennis ball is light and therefore encounters more wind resistance. And so the fastest table tennis ball hit  lags at 112.5km/h.

Differences Between Table Tennis and Badminton

Racket and Paddle

Racket and Paddle

A Badminton game employs a racket with a long frame, handle, and a loop frame. The loop has high tension interwoven strings at the center.

Furthermore, a badminton racket has a maximum length f 680mm and a weight of 3.5ounces. The best badminton rackets must have the right string tension and material.

On the other hand, table tennis employs a racket with a different structure (commonly called paddle). So unlike the badminton racket, the paddle is of a solid wood structure.

Moreover, the wooden puddle has a rubber outer covering. In dimension, it measures about 9.45 to 10.25inches. The bat weighs about 2.47 to 3.53oz. A player uses the oval blade to hit the table tennis ball.



Ping-Pong and badminton sports are indoor games. The same is true when you compare badminton against Squash.

However, they require courts of different dimensions. Table tennis requires a table that measures 9feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet high.

Further, the table must support a uniform bounce of about 23cm when the standard ball is dropped on it from a height of 30cm. At the same time, the table has net that stands 6 inches high and halves it into two.

On the contrary, a badminton game doesn’t require a table. Instead, two opposing teams play the sport on a full-court that measures 44feet long and 20 feet wide. However, when playing singles, the width of the court reduces to 17feet.

Also, the badminton net is higher than the version in the table tennis game. The Badminton net stands 5 feet high.

Scoring System

Scoring System

There is a slight difference in the scoring system used in badminton and table tennis. In badminton, you need two out of three best badminton sets.

And to win a match, you need to score 21 points and lead by two points. Otherwise, when two players tie at 21points, the first player to hit 30 points becomes the winner.

When you come to table tennis, the first player to earn 11 points wins the game. But in case each of the players score10 points, then one must lead by 2 points to become a winner. In competitive matches, table tennis is played to the best of 7 or 5 games.

Shuttlecock Versus Ball

Shuttlecock Versus Ball

Another noticeable difference between the two sports is the pieces of equipment used. For example, badminton players hit the shuttlecock (also known as a birdie) with a racquet.

The shuttlecock has a cork base and feather body. But for non-tournament use, players prefer the nylon body to the feather shuttle. That’s because it’s more durable.

In table tennis players use a paddle and ball. Initially international table tennis federation, (ITTF) stipulated the table tennis ball as 1.5inches wide. But in 2000, it changed the size to a diameter of 1.57inches.

Playing Rules (Bouncing of Ball or Shuttlecock)

Playing Rules

The rules governing badminton and table tennis are very much different. When you hit the shuttlecock, your opponent must not let the birdie touch the ground; not even once.

On the contrary, the rules of table tennis demand that you allow the ball to bounce once on your side before hitting it back.


From the comparison, you can see that the two are very different. Even though they are racquet sports, they employ rackets of different structural designs.

When you have more time to spend indoors, any of the fast-paced games proves helpful. Besides helping you kill boredom, exercising is healthy.

You can therefore now make the best choice of the two indoor games.

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