Smash Shot in Badminton

The best badminton strings on the racket offer the right blend of power and control. And you require such quality strings to perform a smash shot.

To carry out the smashing shot, you have to inject speed and power to the birdie in a downward angled trajectory. Owing to its high momentum, it makes it extremely difficult to retrieve the smash shot.

It, therefore, counts among the most offensive kinds of badminton shots. However, smash shot breaks down into different types as outlined below:

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Types of Smash Shots in Badminton

Smash Grip Technique

Smash shots break down into the following kinds:

  • Forehand smash
  • Backhand smash
  • Jump smash

Let’s have an overview of how to carry out each style.

The Forehand Smash Shot

Jump Smash Shot

It refers to the overhead smashing of the birdie angling it down with force and speed. The forehand smash is almost similar to throwing the ball on a straight path in football.

If you need to make an outstanding shot, your posture and racket angle count. So here are the exact steps to follow:

Hold the Racket with the Forehand Grip

Badminton Racket Grip Techniques

First, your hold on the racket should assume the fore-hand grip. Then dash to the position where the birdie seems to approach. The sooner you reach the spot, the faster you can take the right standing posture.

Take a Sure-Footed Standpoint

And How Much Do the Badminton Players Make

When making the forehand smash, stability is of paramount importance. Strive to spread your feet shoulder-width apart. At the same time, bend your knees slightly. During that period don’t take your eyes off the shuttle.

Raise the Racket in Readiness for a Strike

Use Fingers, Not Palm to Support the Racquets

Raise the racket and move it towards your back. Bend the free arm at the elbow while maintaining a chin height level. You can either spread out or curl your fingers.

However, most badminton players like to curl their fingers into a fist. Remember, the birdie should take a steep downward angle yet still pass over the net. As a counterbalance and a boost to your stability, you can raise your non-racket hand.

Meet the Shuttle at Its Peak Height

The Flexibility of the Wrist Matters

You have to time the birdie such that you strike it while it’s at its peak height. Further, strike the shuttle from the racket’s sweet spot and impart more power.

When the shuttlecock touches the racquet, snap off your wrist towards the ground. Also, as you swing the shuttle, contract your abs. That way you provide a boost of energy to it.

If you skillfully execute the shot, your opponent will find it hard to retrieve it. But, retreat quickly to your posture in readiness for reacting to another shot.

Backhand Smash

Shuttle Smash

The backhand smash counts among the most offensive shots. However, it isn’t easy to execute; even some experienced players still struggle to grasp the technique. One of the skills needed here is the ability to switch from forehand to backhand grip naturally.

Here are the crucial steps to performing the backhand smash shot:

Get the Position Right

Serve (Service)

Set yourself under and marginally behind the birdie. Then swiftly make a turn such that your back faces the net. You have to change position as quickly as possible. By now, you should have switched to backhand grip.

Get the Right Stance.

Reddit Badminton

You need to have the right balance to perform the backhand smash. Thus lead and concentrate most of your body weight on the forefoot (racket foot).

Then stretch the racket diagonally to your non-racket side. The racquet must be in front, the head pointing down, and your arm close to the body.

Crash the Shuttle

It Helps You Remain Flexible

Time and hit the birdie at the highest point. However, don’t over-tighten your hold on the racket handle. Flick the wrist towards the ground and hence push the shuttlecock towards the court of the opponent.

The most vital requirement is timing, pace, and total concentration. After executing the shot, return to the usual posture without losing balance. The return must be quick.

Though the backhand isn’t very powerful, its sudden execution most often gets your opponent unaware. Accordingly, it can help you kill the game and award you the best badminton sets as the winner.

Jump Smash Shot

Jump Smash Shot

A jump smash shot closely resembles a badminton forehand shot. The only difference is that the jump smash stroke awards the birdie more power and speed. It’s like you are unleashing all your anger at the shuttlecock when making the shot.

Read below on how to make the jump smash shot:

Quick Timing

Lowers Your Risk of Developing Hypertension

Your success on the jump smash shot largely depend on how swift you can take on the opportunity that presents itself. You have very little time to act, prepare and execute the shot.

Get Ready to Jump

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Without taking your eyes off the shuttle, push the racquet to your back as far as it’s comfortable. On the other hand, use the non-racket hand for counterbalancing. Keep it at ribs length, elbow region slightly bent. Lean forward and slightly bend the knees.

Spring Up and Intercept the Shuttlecock at the Furthest Comfortable Height

Know the Trending Models

Breathe in deeply and let your racket foot help you spring into the air. To maintain your stability, stretch fully the non-racket hand horizontally.

Start jumping up with the legs straight. However, when you intercept the birdie, fold the legs slightly backwards.

Smash the Shuttlecock

Understand your need, Power or Control

Smack the racket forward while simultaneously lowering the free arm to shoulder level. At the same time, you have to contract your abs to the maximum. Remember, when initiating the jump, don’t be too far nor too near the net.

After the racquet has hit the shuttle, follow through till it is almost a horizontal straight line in the air.

Land Safely and Quickly Gain Balance.

Honing Your Reflexes and Concentration Skills

It’s advisable to land with your racket foot slightly forward. Besides, sometimes your opponent had anticipated your move. So land quickly then take your standing point. Before jump smashing the birdie, reflect on the desired angle and landing position in the court.

Remember the main aim of using the smash shot is to pressurize the opponent into offering weak or no return of the shuttle. That way, you stand a higher chance of earning the winning points.

However, if he anticipates your move or gets smatter to return the shot, it can work against you. That’s why you have to regain your stability quickly after making the smash shot.

On the same note, it isn’t advisable to carry out a smash shot from the baseline. The baseline deprives you of the chance to strike at a steep angle.


Strive and master the three types of smash shots. It’s one way of improving your badminton skills. That way, when the golden opportunity presents itself in a game, you can finish off the rally and score your winning point.

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