Badminton Racket Market Share Insight

A badminton racket consists of a cushioned handle and a tight string bed. The string bed imparts energy to the shuttlecock. Initially, the badminton racket handles were of wood.

However, the technology advancement has led to the emergence of good badminton rackets with non-wooden handles. Research and experience have shown that wood doesn’t have the sufficient stiffness required in the badminton racket.

That’s why modern badminton racket employs carbon fiber, aluminum, or steel materials. On the other hand, a large percentage of badminton rackets exhibits nylon string material. However, other brands also use polymer strings.

Several studies project the badminton racket market share to increase in the next couple of years. You can get the bigger picture by looking at the market dynamics as analyzed below.

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Factors Driving the Market Growth of the Badminton Racquets

The projected market share growth of badminton rackets is due to the following forces:

Rise In International and National Badminton Tournaments

Rise In International and National Badminton Tournaments

One reason for the projected growth is the rise in badminton tournaments. The upswing of badminton competitions at both national and international levels expands the badminton racquet market share.

For instance, the rise of the Premier Badminton League and Super Series Badminton League are worthy examples of international tournaments to reckon.

Such international matches are major driving forces behind the increased demand for various kinds of badminton racquets.

New Interests in Sports Culture

New Interests in Sports Culture

The rise of badminton tournaments at different levels has seen many fans in the sports grow also. Significant growth in sports fanatics has been noted in Asia (China and India).

Hence that has seen many people grow new interest in the sport and thus the need to acquire more pieces of badminton equipment.

And in response, the government in the mentioned countries has increased its investment in the sport. As a result, new infrastructure that supports badminton game has risen and expanded the production of badminton racquets.

Increased Fitness and Health Awareness

Increased Fitness and Health Awareness

Furthermore, people are awakening and realizing the need to stay physically fit. For example, the emergence of Covid-19 has awakened new interest in the urge to exercise.

One such avenue for exercising to keep fit is playing badminton. Besides, most players have shown new interests in owning high-quality badminton rackets.

Restraining Forces and Threats

The projected increase, however, isn’t free from opposing forces. The restraints include the following:

Limited Exposure at the International Scene

Limited Exposure at the International Scene

In comparison to other sports such as football, badminton sport is less famous. For that reason, the expanded fan base of football can’t compare to that of badminton. Hence football is a restraining factor in the growth of badminton sport.

Stiff Completion From Its Competitor Tennis

Stiff Completion From Its Competitor Tennis

Tennis sport is almost like a badminton game. However, the tennis sport is older and more famous than the badminton game. So it is one of the restraining market forces in the badminton racket market share growth.

International Badminton Racket Market Share Analysis

The market share sector distribution of badminton racquets are as follows:

According to the Type of Racket

Types of Racket

Considering the market share distribution of different badminton racket types, the carbon type sector dominate the revenue share. Other notable types include ferroalloy, titanium alloy, and aluminum alloy.

According to the End-User

However, concerning the end-user subdivision, the male sector is expected to contribute the largest share of the revenue. Other notable end-user segments include women and children.

International Badminton Racket Market Share Regional Analysis

International Badminton Racket Market Share Regional Analysis

Asia Region

The Asia Pacific region has a notable increase in the number of badminton sports enthusiasts. On the same note, the government has similarly invested in the infrastructure supporting the sport.

Accordingly, countries such as China and India are projected to contribute the biggest share of the sports revenue in the Asian region.

Europe Region

The European market is estimated to grow at a high CAGR (compounded annual growth rate). On the other hand, the North American market is estimated to register a moderate growth pattern.

The core reason for the moderate growth is the low popularity and limited consumer base in comparison to the European and the Asian region.


So that gives you some insight into the badminton racket market share. Though the sport has its competitors, its future is still promising.

The projected growth in the badminton racket market share though maps out differently in various regions. As a sports fan, you need to know how to preserve your badminton racket appropriately. Only by doing so will you reap more benefits from it.





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