Badminton Monthly is Printing Once Again

We are proud to announce our new partnership with K&D Graphics.

K&D Graphics, established in 1981, is a commercial packaging and printing company with headquarters in Orange, California.

As some of you may know, we started publishing our magazine in the winter of 2013 both in print and digital version. After Issue #3, we decided to provide a free magazine, so we only published a digital version for Issue #4 to #6. Now with the help of K&D Graphics, we will begin to print again starting with our newest Issue #7.

K&D Graphics has been a huge contributor to the US badminton community. In 1995, they built the Orange County Badminton Club (OCBC), which has hosted many national and international tournaments over the years. OCBC also houses a training team. In 2005, with the help of USA Badminton and the US Olympic Committee, they produced the first ever US World Champion, Mens Doubles pair Tony Gunawan and Howard Bach.
With this exciting new partnership, our mission stands as we continue to promote badminton, grow the community, and further develop the sport here in the United States.

Join us in our journey!

Print copies of our Issue #7 are available at over 40 locations throughout the United States. Home delivery and subscription options are available here on our website.

Get yours here:
While our magazine remains to be free, shipping and handling costs may apply.
We hope you enjoy our magazine.

Special thanks to the Chew Family and everyone at K&D Graphics who assisted in making this happen!

Free copies will be available at the following locations.

Phoenix Badminton Center
Manhattan Beach Badminton Club
Phillipinne Badminton Club
San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club
Badminton Center Court
Digi Sports
Midwest Badminton Club
Shannon Pohl Badminton Academy
Clear One Badminton Centre
Seattle Badminton Club
Boston Badminton Club
The Maugus Club
New Jersey Badminton Club
College Point Badminton Club
Northern Virginia Badminton Club
Honolulu Badminton Club
American Badminton Center
Marblehead Youth Badminton
Las Vegas Badminton Club
Orange County Badminton Club
Southern California Badminton Association
North Carolina Badminton Club
Northern California Badminton Club
Featherland Badminton
AK Badminton
Badminton Direct
Affinity Badminton Club
Eastbay Badminton Association
California Badminton Academy
United Badminton Club
Synergy Badminton Club
Bay Badminton Center
Z Badminton Training Center
South San Francisco High School

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