Badminton Grip G4 vs G5 – The Core Differences

One feature that defines the best badminton rackets is the grip size. Every player requires a racket handle that is neither too big nor too small in the palm.

Some of the most common grip sizes are G4 and G5. Knowing the difference between the two is vital when selecting the right fitting racquet.

So What Are G4 and G5?

So What Are G4 and G5

In badminton, G denotes the grip size of a racket. It indicates the handle thickness of a racket. Usually, major brands such as Yonex and Victor use the letter G and a number to help distinguish between large and small grip sizes.

When denoting the grip size using G, the number is inversely proportional to the grip size.

So G1 represents the largest size and G5 the smallest size. Yonex makes one of the leading companies in making the best badminton strings and rackets. The brand outlines its grip sizes as follows;

  • G5- 3 inches
  • G4- 3 ¼ inches
  • G3- 3 ½ inches
  • G2- 3 ¾ inches
  • G1- 4 inches.

Badminton Grip G4 vs G5 Comparison

Size of the Hand

Size of the Hand

Whereas badminton players with small hand sizes are better off with G5, G4 suits those with slightly large hands.

However, the best way to get your ideal grip size is by measuring the base of your palm up to the tip of your ring finger. The measurement (in inches) would help you get the matching size.

Ease of Adjustment

Ease of Adjustment

Regarding the ease of handle size adjustment, G5 takes the lead. If G5 feels slightly smaller in your hands, it’s easy to wrap a few turns of overgrip on it and hence get a comfortable feel in your hands.

On the other hand, suppose you invest in a G4 and find it bigger than you can hold, it would force you to rip off the factory replacement grip.

Thus, when you compare the two, adding a few overgrip layers is easier than ripping off to expose the wooden handle.

But remember adding numerous layers to the wooden handle may affect the balance of the racquet and thus produce a detrimental effect.

Control vs Power

Control vs Power

Besides the strength of your badminton muscles the fit of the racket in your hands also influences your performance. If you need more control, then grip size G5 may make a better choice.

A slightly smaller grip size allows for flexibility at the wrist region and thus boosts control. But on the other hand, if your game plan demands power, you should try out G4.

That’s because a slightly bigger racket handle provides for a tighter hold and hence allows you to make powerful shots. However, remember the argument still revolves on the size of your hands.


When choosing between badminton 2 knots vs 4 knots  each person has his choice; and so it is between g4 and g5. However, the size of your hands plays a pivotal role.

But one thing is sure; most players with large hands find large grip sizes better and many players with smaller hands prefer the smaller grip sizes ideal.

The first step in determining the racket handle thickness that fits you is measuring the distance from the base of your palm to the tip of the ring finger.

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