How to Hit Forehand Shot in Badminton

While learning the game, you need to understand the fundamental badminton terms. Taking your time to understand them is vital to reaping success in the sport. One of the phrases that you’ll often meet is the forehand shot.

What is the Forehand Shot in Badminton?

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A forehand shot refers to the technique of hitting the shuttlecock using the forehand grip style from the racket side of your body. Furthermore, it includes all the strokes you make above the head.

That means if your dominant hand is right, you make the shot on the right-hand side, and similarly for the left-handed individuals, perform the shot on the left-hand side.

Almost all the badminton shots use either forehand grip or the backhand grip. Only a few employ a variation of either of the two.

When you compare it to others, forehand shot is powerful and easier to learn. So it finds use in both single and doubles.

You can execute the forehand shot either from the rear, middle, or front of the court. But first, you need to have the best badminton rackets. Then there are three key steps to follow. That includes the preparation, hitting the shuttlecock, and recovering from the shot.

You can execute the forehand shot in badminton in three steps as below:

Step One: Preparation

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The significant step in preparing for the shot is getting the grip right. As said before, you have to use the forehand grip technique.

So do you remember the posture your hand takes when you want to shake had with a friend? Yes, position your hand the same way. Other badminton players call it the handshake grip.

First position the head of the racket to lie parallel to the floor. Then hold its handle using the handshake grip style. And make sure your hand lies on the downer side of the handle.

Note that the thumb finger position and the other four fingers should make a V shape. And to do that correctly, your thumb finger and the others must be on different sides of the handle.

If you implement the arrangement correctly, you’ll find the index finger taking a high position. On the other hand, the thumb will be low and touch the middle finger.

Having got the grip right, make a split-step towards the intended racket position. At the same time, lunge forward with the racket leg towards the shuttle. Ensure you concentrate your weight on the same foot.

Step Two: Making the Shot

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Here, make the backswing by moving your shoulder backward. While carrying out the backswing, relax your grip on the handle and let the racket head point up.

Then propel the racket forward on a straight trajectory without swinging the arm. You only need to clinch the fingers tightly when you are almost hitting the shuttle. When your aim is right and the equipment also possess the best badminton strings, the result is amazing.

Step Three: Recovering

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After hitting the shuttlecock, quickly get ready for the next bang by assuming a comfortable and stable posture. Otherwise, your opponent can respond swiftly and get you in off position.

It is essential to learn the right-hand grip skill and how to retrieve quickly to the ready position before pushing for the badminton smash shot.


All the badminton shots executed on the right-hand side of the racket or above the head make up the forehand shot. So all that remains is for you to practice at home and sharpen your skills. Knowing how to carry out a wide variety of forehand shots can help end a rally, thus earning you a winning point.

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